For some reason I'm not inspiring attraction?

For the last couple I years I seem to only be attracting the wrong types of girls, desperate girls and attention whores. The desperate ones will do anything to throw themselves at me, and the desperate ones are, well desperate.

What would keep the nice, emotionally stable girls away from me?

I am complemented on my personality often, and I have lot of friends. I'm also well groomed and cleanly dressed.

Is there something putting me at the edges of this hyperbole of personalities?

I am getting worried that its my looks.


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  • For some reason on a deep level, you're attracting the same type of women. You have an expectation that all women are like that, so that's what you're going to continue to attract. Just by stating "for the last couple of years I seem to only be attracting the wrong types of girls," you're putting it out there. You have to recognize that NOT ALL women are like that, and focus on WHY you think you like them. There's something about them that is drawing you in. Picture all of these girls...what do they have in common? Once you recognize that, focus on the qualities that you DO want. Open yourself up and realize that the woman you want might not "look" the way you expect. Also, give yourself more credit. You seem to have good intentions, so your luck will turn around once you break your pattern :)


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  • maybe you look like a player that wants action and those same attention whores want the same thing back, maybe that's the vibe they get. A nice girl will not come to you because she's waiting for the guy to talk to her! she's not that desperate. you have to find them and intiate a conversation.

  • Maybe other girls are intimidated by you, or maybe they see see all the desperate girls all over you and think that they have no chance. Get yourself away from all the desperate girls and start talking to the girl you like. Nice girls like to be approached and they like to feel cared for and cherished. They don't want to be just another girl in you life-- they want to be THE girl in your life.

  • Maybe your challenging to get, and the girls that are willing to chase after you seem to be the desperate ones. Be more open to talk to everyone, and then maybe you'll find the girl your looking for.


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