Do you think he might like me?

i would look at this guy in my English class sometimes because he's really cute..then I noticed he looks at me sometimes now...and I saw him at the rec center on last wed. and he wouldn't stop turning all the way around to look at me and he wouldn't stop looking the rest of the time I was down there. he also walked past my machine a few times and stalled in a little section next to mine as well (he wasn't lifting weights just stalling). then on the next Friday before class started we were waiting in the hallway and me and him were doing our own thing and I saw him move and look at me (like move to where he could see me..he also did that today too) but Friday after class I tried leaving behind him so I could talk with him and he would walk fast and it seemed like he was trying to get away from me and I'm really confused but he would also not stop turning back to look at me too and he would make it obvious he was looking at me like he literally turned his head all the way around to look. and I don't know if he likes me or not...i've talked to him once in person we were peer reviewing each others papers and he wouldn't look me in the face at all..not once..he looked down the entire time and told me like 3 or 4 times that my paper was "really good" so yeah I don't know what's going on.


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  • From the looks of it he is very shy and has trouble talking to you. This means that he has a thing for you. I have been in part of that boy's shoes before. That boy probably has never had a girl friend and totally has no experiencing dating and has trouble talking to his you. He doubts that you might reject him. I think you need to tell him how you feel. he might gain confidence. Chances are that it might take him along time to answer

    • Haha welll I believe I kind of did tell him how I feel by accident this weekend when I accidentally sent him a message over facebook kind of saying the same thing this question is described his actions toward me and it showed my frustration that I didn't know what was going on and also stated in it that I think he's adorable lol and I was trying to ask advice from a friend but instead sent it to him...and yeah I think he knows now but now its like I feel like he thinks I'm a creep..

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  • does anyone else find the actions of that guy kinda creeper like?

    • I feel like he thinks I'm the creeper or something :S

  • Eye contact could be a sign of interest of flirting he may or may not make a move for all sorts of reasons...


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