Why is being "goody good" or a goody-two shoes a turn-off?

good guys are never thought of as boyfriend material, and apparently some girls have the same problem. so its like why does having strong values or choosing to live a safer, healthy life and staying away from drugs and stuff, why its that a turn-off? or being more of a religious person and going to church and participating in church. why is that such a bad thing? or is this just an excuse for more of the less "goody good" people to get back at the good people and try to make themselves feel better about a few poor choices they may have made in life? and then immature people say mature people are boring. well, getting caught up in the wrong crowd tends to have an effect on you and warps you mind into being superficial for the wrong things, so I mean, that's not true at all. it seems like no one appreciates the finer things in life anymore or those that do the right thing and try to uphold a certain value called integrity.

no love for those people, instead we're criticized for... being smart, daring to be different, and obeying the law, parents, authority, etc? what a messed up world we live in... :/


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  • To girls who have strong values and believe the things that you believe in, no it's not a turn off. I suggest you focus on girls like that, because people who are more secular and do things that aren't "of God" have a different mentality then you do. Ever heard the quote (I probably have it wrong) "what is bad is good and what's good is bad"? Well if these people are caught up in the mindset of having fun and doing "bad things" they are going to want a guy who is on their wavelength and who also is bad. They don't want some good boy preaching at them, or showing a positive example. That's not what they're interested in and frankly they aren't thinking about all those excuses you just listed. People like that just want to do what they perceive as fun, end of story.

    • Well yeah that does seem true because the world seems so backwards and inside out at this stage of the game its disgusting.


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  • What girls are you meeting that like guys who are on drugs and drink heavily? I've never liked that in a man and still don't. Ewwww
    Honestly, I believe most people of both gender fall within the grey area; not overly religious nor either a loose player/party girl type.

  • It's not a bad thing to be good it's just dull. The good boys have no spine and are too easy. Women want a challenge. The jerk or bad boy gives us that challenge. Good boys usually appear simple and too easy to catch then we worry you may go crazy if we leave. Who wants that? The bad boy does not care if you stay or go he is happy just being himself.

    • Well that's great and all if you don't want a guy that cares... you have the bad boy all wrong, and the good guy also... the thing is bad boys don't care about anyone, only about themselves, and even then they do a poor job, a lot of times getting into substance abuse or whatever. good guys care about themselves, which is why they don't get into the bad stuff, and they care about others, for example, you. and a lot of times they are very passionate people. he wants to be with you for real...

    • ...which is why he gets upset after you leave him or reject him or whatever. don't you get upset when the bad boy doesn't pay attention to you? its the same thing, but girls just for some reason like to go after the wrong guys over the right guy... guys are better at logically choosing the right girl, its just the girl usually is out for all the wrong guys. simply put, good guys are lovers, bad boys are lovers of self.

    • ...and by upset I mean hurt, confused, bitter, etc. because chances are, he knows you're just gonna fall back into the same bad boy trap and you'll find yourself hurt later.

  • I don't think there's anything wrong with it. I am attracted to guys who have a strong sense of self and don't do stupid things just to fit in. I respect it if a man is religious, but I just don't want it forced on me or to be judged for not participating in it. Sometimes if it is a huge part of his life, that can discourage me from a relationship.


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