Will my burn leave permanent scarring if exposed to sun?

I have a second degree burn on my arm.

It was exposed to the sun for only a few minutes. Is this bad?

FY I've only had this burn for a month 1/2


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  • I have really fair skin & if I spend too much time outside, I get second degree burns from the sun...I don't have any scars, but I also allowed the burn to heal...I would just make sure you wear lightweight clothing over your burn to protect it from the sun until you recover.

    This is a future nurse's perspective; Hope that helped!


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  • It's not bad, I got a 3rd degree burn on my arm. It's not bad, especially since it's already been 2 weeks. It should be almost healed by now. It took my burn about 3 weeks to fully recover, and that sh*t was nasty.

  • it won't be too bad. maybe just a little scab if anything