What color would go best?

What color would go best with brown hair and brown eyes?

  • Red
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  • Blue
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  • Purple
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  • Green
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Im skinny and also about the height of 5'7''


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  • People always tell me that green brings out the color in my eyes, and, though the picture lies, I have cinnamon colored eyes. So green works for eyes in my experience.

    Brown hair though? Not sure. Brighter colors I think contrast better, but that's just me.

    • Well I have like a mixture in my hair and its all natural. I ahve like natural red tinted highlights and some really light brown natural highlights. My eyes are like chocolate brown not dark dark brown. I look good in like the light shamrock green.

    • Yeah, that's about the color I was wearing too. I'm not sure why I like the color though, might have to do with my birthstone or something.

      I don't really know about hair, mine's much darker because of my ancestry with some bronze highlights.. Well, I think a girl with lighter brown hair looks great in lighter colors. And lighter color shirts have better contrast, so it's something to consider.

    • Today I wore a grey shirt and I really didn't look good in that.. I think I look better in dark colors

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