Do you think your style says something about you?

what is your style?

what does it say about you?

for me, I wear plain tees (long or short, but no pictures, just one color). I like the color gray, usually I wear 3/4 sleeve tees. I wear jeans with no holes. I think this makes me look very clean, relaxed and super chill to hang out with and dressing appropriate for my age. I think I look some what contemporary. What do you wear?


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  • Meh, maybe. Like, I wear a lot of cardigans and pullovers, I wear a lot of vintage stuff, and I have a weakness for floral stuff, haha. Plus, I wear skinny jeans most days, and canvas sneakers (kind of like Keds or something, but...not) or boots or moccasins or sometimes oxfords, and I wear dresses and skirts fairly often too, with tights in the winter. Also wear too much black and gray. And there are a couple accessories I wear, but usually I'm not. (except scarves, I wear scarves pretty often)

    So, what does this say about me? I guess it says I like being comfortable, cause that is, like, my main objective in dressing most of the time, thus the excessive knitwear (cardigans, pullovers, scarves, etc.) and aversion to shoes that aren't comfortable. But it also means I don't go down the typical route of comfort dressing (i.e., the uniform of leggings + Uggs + a Northface that everyone seems to wear here) and actually do, make, like, some sort of effort. I think wearing a lot of vintage and/or vintage inspired stuff says that I like the past a lot, particularly the fashions of the past, which I do. I don't know what my aversion to wearing color "says" about me. I don't think I'm THAT cynical, black & gray are just flattering and easy to match, haha. Overall, I don't think my style says that much about my innermost psyche. :P

    • Ah I liked keds, and I also like black and gray. Oh and I would never spend too much money to look comfy (like UGGS). I think you sound fashionable and some what comfortable with your style which is great.


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  • i wear band t-shirts and d***ies shorts pretty much year round

  • I don't think it says anything about me. I wear it because I'm comfortable and feel I look presentable. I usually wear jeans, no holes and loose fit, and a t-shirt with either a hoodie or a dress shirt. My t-shirts are usually white, blue, black, grey or green and will have either a record label, or a clothing label on it. Nothing fancy. My dress shirts are usually blue or white.

    • You dress sort of like my guy!

    • Thats promising then - someone who dresses like me can get a woman xD

  • Generally loose fitting attire, which always makes others mistake me for being much younger than I actually am. Humans are intrinsically visual creatures, so I guess it would make sense for others to quickly jump to conclusions about the entire package you have to offer based solely on your sense of fashion.

    • Some times people wish to be judged by what they wear though, you have to remember that. Like for example, if a person wore a band t-shirt (like ihatework), it means that he likes that bad (usually). But I do understand what you mean by the judge you solely on what you wear. Like someone dressed like an adult might be treated more like an adult when actually they act like a 10 year old.

  • I'm naked 24/7 I just put clothes on in my pics so I won't get banned but I'm always butt naked on the streets. So this means I'm sexy as helll


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