If he hates me, why does he keep looking at me?

He told me to leave him alone so I did. But I ran into him this weekend. I turned the corner & he was standing there with a friend of his. I didn't look at him, but could see him watching me out of the corner of my eye. Later, he sat across the room (I was sitting with a guy that likes me) and I caught him looking at me several times. If he hates me & wants me to leave him alone, why keep looking at me?


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What Guys Said 1

  • He resents you. Just looking at you makes him upset. He is watching you to see if you would do anything he would disapprove of.


What Girls Said 1

  • It depends on your history with this guy.. If he was like an ex boyfriend, I think he's probably just thinking about you and what went wrong. No matter what, by telling you to leave him alone won't make him forget about whatever relationship you guys had.