Why does he look at me like that?

I have this guy friend and we are becoming very close in the past few months. If we don't see each other we will at least text, email, or ichat. I care a lot about him. Sometimes when he comes to see me at my office he looks right at me and I can't describe it but they way he stares into my eyes just pushes me back a little. Sometimes he will ask me questions and look really deep into my eyes like what say matter so much and that he will base his decisions on what I say. I can't really explain it but it's like something is there but in reality we just friends and he doesn't even want to be with someone right now.


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  • He may just be a very forceful person. It doesn't sound like he's flirting with you or has any real reason to. He may just be an intense person.

  • Well, maybe he's attracted to you, but I think we would have to know other info, like does he flirt with you, etc.?

    • He does flirt with me and sometimes says things to me that are kind of shocking.

    • Yeah, I think he does like you!

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