Do Women Like Tattoos?

I currently have a star in each bicep and one on the back of my left arm with a "tribal" that goes almost from my elbow up to my shoulder, a stylized Capital I on my right calf and a stylized two headed bird of prey on my left fore arm. I certainly intend to get more as I go through life, nothing... Show More

Most Helpful Girl

  • Depends on the girl. Some love it and some don't. I, for one, love tattoos! But the guy has to have a decent build for certain ones in certain areas. Sleeves are awesome but it does tend to go over the top. I don't like my guy covered in tats though. I prefer half sleeves. Too many to me would be sleeved out, back and chest covered, and legs covered. Maybe about 10 depending on size is enough for me. I'd like my guy to have some but still be presentable when conducting business. So as long as they can be covered, no problem. That being said, you're wise to avoid your face and hands.