Monroe Piercing Slutty?

Ok so I have a Monroe piercing (stud in my upper lip) and I absolutely LOVE it but some people have been telling me it looks slutty or its a sign of the whore and what not. In my opinion its NOT slutty and that's all that matters but what do ya'll think?

(Google it if you don't know what it looks like)

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  • I love them, I don't think they're slutty. I have my septum, bellybutton, and the lower left of my bottom lip pierced. I've never been told it's slutty. Then again, a lot of people are scared of me. But I love the monroe piercing, so what if people think your slutty.


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  • it's not slutty, but it's ugly.

  • Nothing physical like that can really define who you are, but I have a couple girls with those piercings and I'll just say that didn't come across as the purest of the group, so I think its a matter of there being some bad examples kind of spoiling the odds.

  • Not necessarily slutty just kind of ugly. I generally like piercings, but I find upper lip studs to be incredibly unattractive.

  • Im neutural about the way it looks. But in all seriousness what does a piercing on someones lip have to do with weather your a whore or not?

    • Idk ever since I got it the guys at my school started calling me slutty for having it

    • I wouldn't socialize with people that said stuff like that. They seem to be just trying to get a rise out of you.

  • I'm gonna second foolycooly1001 said. It's not slutty it's ugly.

    • Agree x 5000. Just ugly. Also, who wants to kiss a lip ring? Who wants to suck on metal? Not soft, not sensual, not sexy.

    • Ok first of all you can't kiss or suck on the monroe its a stud in the higher part of your upper lip and is very small that it can't poke out

      second I believe it depends on the person as to whether it looks good or is ugly

    • It reminds me of a mole from far away. Then close up it makes you think wow a piercing really? I know you're not happy with my answer but I'm just saying what I think about them.

  • It draws attention to your mouth. If you want someone to look you in the eyes when he or she talks to you...I suggest you refrain from getting the Monroe Piercing.

  • thats not slutty. But wouldn't that interfere with kissing?

    • No its just a stud doesn't mess with the kissing at all but still fun to play with.

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    • I just saw a picture of one. Yea your right that wouldn't interfere with kissing. I was thinking it was on your upper lip not above it to the side. I just wasn't sure what you meant when you said its fun to play with lol

    • Its fun to play with because the bar is long and its fun twisting it with my tongue and pulling it in with my teeth....yeah its like playing with a pen in your mouth when your bored? I don't know how else to describe it haha

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  • I don't see how it could be described as slutty. Most often it's just unflattering for the idiot girl who thought it would look good.

    My sister had a Monroe but it got infected so she had to take it out. She looked damn good with it.

    Good luck.