Is it right to look in a daughter's diary?

I am so outraged that he did that. Is it right to look in your daughters diary. I just don't get why he can't just ask what he wants to know. I don't want him knowing all of the things me and my boyfriend do though. I'm f***ed for life now that he read my whole diary. What would you do?

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  • Personally I think its wrong. I wouldn't if I was your dad. However ime not. What I think and what he can do is two completly different things.

    Legally speaking if he is your legal guardian he can look at whatver PROPERTY you have. If he wanted to he could go through your underwear drawer, there's nothing that you can do about it.(that would just be super creepy) However that's in the terms of the law. As long as he is not abusing you or something he did nothing wrong.

    But why did he do it, there must be something he wanted to know. Or there's must be something he couldn't trust you about. He probably knows, you won't feem comfortable telling him. I mean if there was stuff about you and your boyfriend and how you say your "f***ed for life" you probably wouldn't of been honest.

    He saw it and you can't change it. As of what to do from here its hard to say without knowing what he saw. Just be honest with him. Don't lie or say you didn't. Fess up to what you did. It may be embarrassing but its easier to just be stright up then make a big deal and argue.

    In the future just don't right down anything you don't want someone to know.

    Ime not saying you do but just letting you know. If he's looking at your diary that's private I could easily see him wanting to look at your phone or computer if you have one. I don't know what's on there but chances are between the two there's sites youve visted or messeges youve sent that you don't want him to see. So also be carefull of that.

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      Wait, that's creepy. I never looked at it that way, that he could look at my panties.

      I don't knw what he wanted to know. He always thinks me and my boyfriend are having sex. The truth is were not. OK that's a big lie. At least we don't this week cause of girl stuff.

      Its easy to say don't right anything down. That's my only way to let things out.

      There's a reason I keep my phone, and the and a memory card in my bra. I would be in so much trouble if he saw either of them.

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    • FYI you can still trace something on a card up to five times. What I mean if you fill a hard drive up times and delete it, it can still be found on there, so be careful.

    • I got a buddy who works in computers for the state police. Its amazing how much crap they can find out a pervs hardrive.

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  • Yep. Obviously your dad is smart. If you really don't want him to know I'd be willing to bet you wouldn't be honest with him if he were to ask. It's your fault for incriminating yourself. You shouldn't write down or do anything to record things you want to keep private.

  • (Age:18 to 24)

    Answer is no, it isn't right at all.

    If the daughter were 12-18 and there was serious reason for concern (cutting herself, anorexia nervosa, missing school, much older or disreputable friends ) it would be justified.

    -I never looked in my sons' computer but there wasn't any reason in the world which could justify it: he's always been a model kid. (and he's a model adult now)

    Over 18 you have to be responsible for your own well being.


    -No, I don't think this makes you 'f***ed up for life'

    • You're having sex and he disapproves ?So what? you've attained majority, don't you?

      When we thought our son got to that point we raised his allowance so he could pay the birth control for his Girlfriend (she wasn't very rich) and we told him why. He answered "It's too early for that" :D

  • I would only look if there was a concerned reason for doing so. Snooping and rummaging through your stuff was wrong on your dad's part.

  • f*** yea that's wrong. a persons diary is like them, unfiltered, just raw, you'd have to be sick to read something like that. I could maybe understand just a passage (even that would be sick) but the entire thing? id be so effin pissed id hate that person most likely...

  • No, it is an invasion of privacy.

  • I do not think that is right. How often do you write on it? Why don't you leave him some sort of trap write some sort of decoy diary.

    • A few times a day. Thanks, like the decoy idea.

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  • I would get really mad too. It's okay you're mad, he didn't have the right. I would seriously tell him that he wouldn't like me looking into his private stuff, and that he should respect your personal things. Hide your diary somewhere where your parents can't find it.

    Now, try forgiving him. Cause remember that it's really tempting to read a diary of someone you know. Maybe he did it to know you better, to understand you, who knows. So to prevent that, hide your better. :)

    • I have he won't listen to me. Were the heck do I hide it, the only place private is inbetween my legs or in my bra Lmao. My diary is to big to fit in either of those place :(

  • Just tell your dad that you're really creeped out that he read your personal diary. You're 18+ years old and there are things that you'd rather not have him know about you. Plus, this is your own personal life. A diary is something really sacred, and the only people who you show and let look are the people you truly can trust on a personal level. The thing is, with being a parent, he's just going to have to accept that he can NOT be on that personal level. That's too bad that he did that to you, because how are you going to trust him, now?

  • I don't think it's a very nice thing to do but he's your guardian and he can do what ever he thinks is right about the situation. That's why you don't write things on paper if you don't want some one else to see them.

  • I wouldn't. I'd respect my daughter's privacy.

  • it's perfectly fine. if you live in your parents house then honestly you don't have any privacy. everything you do affects him. suppose you got pregnant - don't you think he'd have to protect you? what if you got an STD or emotionally hurt? stop being so shortsighted just because you think you're grown and can do what you want doesn't make it true. you're a child.

    of course you don't want your dad to know what you and your boyfriend do, that's normal. but you are still a child and dependent on your dad so what you and your boyfriend do is very much his business. you shouldn't be "doing" anything with a boy at your age. if he asked you'd probably lie to him anyway so yeah he has to look in your diary to get answers that you probably wouldn't tell him anyway. he's doing it because he wants to protect you. when you get older you'll understand. when I was 13 my dad read my diary and I felt the same way you did, angry hurt and betrayed, but now that I'm older I see why he did it and understand.