Hate my girlfriend's hair?

My girlfriend recently got a weave and now I can no longer play in it, she had long hair but cut it like riahanna and now she has a big long curly weave , she makes me pay for this 800 dollars hair style compared to her original regular wash and press which was 60 dollars its insane , when the wind blows I have to hold her hair down for her so it won't blow up and show her tracks , she lies to people and tell them its her real hair , its annoying and expensive , 800 dollars a month...how can I tell her ?


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  • tell her if she wants her hair that way so bad to pay for it herself. it'll work. believe me.

    • It's not just the money , its the restrictions , she won't allow me to play in it and she won't leave the house on windy days and her hair leaves this weird smell on the bedding from her " weave spray " and its breaking my face out , she lied to my aunt and said it was her real hair and she bases girls with short hair now that she has a weave


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  • Just like that, tell her its annoying and expensive.


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  • why did you may 800 $ for HER hair? why did you pay anything for her hair?

    • Because she mad a big fit one day saying she hated her hair cut and she had wished she never cut it , and was crying all week having a break down so I just decided to pay for her to shut up for a month by paying for her hair, she only wants real human hair weaves such as brazillian, Indian, which cost 600 dollars just for the hair then getting it put in costs 200 at the hair salon

    • Well she should grow up -sorry, but really she's not 6.

      You already spent the money NOW you want her to just throw out 800 $? that's just as nuts!

    • Your right .... I'm not doing it again, she's on her own, I pay the rent, the cell bill, the gas and electric , plus take her out every weekend and buy our baby clothes she can at least pay for her own gotd*** hair ...well her fake hair