Why am I so attracted to older guys?

I've never been attracted to guys my age I don't know I mean I look at them and I'm like oh he's cute but when I see an older guy I'm just smitten. I don't know how to curb it I mean I want a prom date but I don't really bother to talk to guys my age and I think it'll be extremely weird to bring a guy I liked (who is older of course) to prom? Any advice on what to do?


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  • well it's not that strange a thing. biologically, older men are attractive, because their age shows that they have genes good enough to survive to that age. it still annoys me, though:P. if you're hot, you could probably ask any guy to the prom. if you're not, you might be out of luck.

    • 1) I don't ask I get asked 2) teenage boys are so boringgggg and their bodies are not fully developed 3) They never even know hot to ask me out they just stand there staring at me and then looking away when I look at them ugh I like guys like Tom Welling, and that guy that plays Big on Sex and the city he is so hot. thanxx for the input though

    • 1) then you might be going stag.


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  • Honestly, it's just plain healthy to want a more mature man who's got his act together. That said, mature older men aren't looking for little teenage girls, they're looking for mature young women. Simply put, as annoying as you may find younger guys, take a que from them and spend the time to develop yourself into the mature kind of women worth looking for. We'll notice, trust me : )

  • Go with a friend and maybe meet up with the older guy after the prom ;). Then to answer your question why your attracted to older guys is.. they offer more than your average high school kid. They probally have a job, car maybe thier own place... all around more manly lol id say.


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