Girl in relationship maintaining eye contact with me - what is she thinking?

There's this girl at university who maintains eye contact with me I have had a few long eye contacts with her, every time I see her we both look at each other for few seconds before she looks away. Girls what do you think its all about


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  • She probably likes you. I'm in the same situation but I'm the girl and this guy and I do the same thing. I like him.

    • i asked her for her number she didn't give it to me or mention aboutt her boyfriend is that something girls would do if they had boyfriend. she said I don't know where this going to lead to about 4 or 5 times what you make of that

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    • sure, sent it

    • just a test.just be playful and be like a friend to her.don't worry bout the guy.

      be non-needy and to your suprise one day she might dump him and fall 4 u

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