Why do girls say "cute" instead of hot?

What happened to girls calling guys "hot" is cute the new hot or is cute a word for being less attractive?


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  • Because cute is like handsome, adorable and has to do more with personality. Hot is like OMG I wanna rip your clothes off, sexy.


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  • Honestly,i think it means the same thing.But I prefer calling a guy cute.

  • A call guys cute because that's like hot to me :) Especially when I do call a guy cute and see him blush makes him cuter! Lol

  • Same reason guys say "hot" over cute...Duh?

    • Just different point of views.Hot is generic

  • most girls who arnt slutty prefer the word cut to hot its a way of saying were attracted to you but don't wanna jump your bod right away :)

  • Cute= you bottom= you uke

    Hot= I bottom= you seme

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  • Your answer sir: Cute = Hot

  • I believe the reason is that hot resonates on only a physical level. This is more attractive to guys cause face it if she looks like Megan Fox we are amazingly skilled at ignoring a lack of personality.

    Cute on the other hand is more all encompassing more like what girls tend to go for. It resonates emotionally and includes personality as much as looks.

  • They mean the same thing. One girl may call you cute, and another might call you hot, it doesn't matter as long as you get called one or the other, your in good shape, that means your attractive to women simple as that.

  • i wondered the same thing too man.

    like girls have said here, often when girls say cute its because theyre putting your personality in there too, not just the way you look.

    if you're at a pool and you're in shape and some girl sees you almost naked like that she's gonna think sexual things and say you're hot. but otherwise (unless you're really physically attractive to them) they'll just say cute

    also I think some girls would feel awkward blatantly telling you "youre hot" lol. even if they think it.

    idk about you but rarely have I straight up told some girl "you're hot", unless she was my girlfriend or something. instead I'd say "youre attractive" or "youre really good looking". I think that's how girls feel by saying a guy is "cute"

  • maybe its cause of justin bieber