What type of t-shirts should a guy with athletic body wear?

my body is much like the body of Federer...i.e.thick forearms and thin arms...but I m quite trendy and I like to experiment with my clothing...


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  • More tight-fitting t-shirts, V-necks.


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  • I'm more athletic than the average guy and I laugh at dudes who constantly try and wear cut offs and wife beaters.

    Just look into slim fit shirts, just don't make it seem like you are wearing your little brother's shirt. For a lot of clothing the fit really depends on the brand. For instance if I buy a button up from somewhere like H&M its going to fit a lot better than a shirt I'll buy from a skate store. Even try v-necks from places like gap or Banana Republic just make sure they don't go to deep.

    If your into classic white shirts polo v-necks fit the best by far. They sell them by the pack at places like Nordstrom or Macy's. But even besides the v-necks the OG polo shirts hands down fit better than anything else.