My hair smells awful.

I switched the stuff I usually use to spike my hair to that axe putty stuff. I used to use this red jar of "extreme holds" but I can't find it anymore. Switched to hair spray but that takes to long. Picked up the Axe hair putty and it holds pretty well and takes a few seconds to spike up but my Girlfriend just can not stand the smell of it. I sprayed a little of my body spray over it to try and mask it but that didn't work.

Any suggestions on some odor-less hair putty that I can find?


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  • i'd suggest anything from got2b. they have mild scents rather than the harsher scents of axe...

    I don't like axe either & my boyfriend uses got2b..& so do I...cuz I have short hair, but I use like the lightest pomade they make because it's not for spiking lol...

    it also doesn't make your hair feel gross.

    Hope this helps!


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  • If you want a quality product, I suggest anything by Crew.

    I use Crew forming cream, it smells great but, well... its strength is like something you put in your hair should be, its not like a hair cologne like that axe crap probably is haha.

    If you need something with more hold, Crew grooming cream will do the trick.

  • go to dollar general or walmart and get a bottle of super spike gel, its in a huge container, its yellow ,and has a slight but nice smelling odor