Do guys mind kinda chubby stomachs?

I'm by no means fat. But I'm not skinny either. My stomach is not very firm. It's kind of chubby. Would a guy mind this?


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  • Mariah Carey, Kim Kardashian, Jessica Simpson, Beyonce Knowles..

    The sexiest women in Hollywood. Are the unattractive? NO!

    A Guy falls for a girl who loves herself. Remember that. When you will love yourself you will have the confidence to work every inch of your body, regardless how badly it may sound to you. Dress to impress, be very specific about the way you look because it will give you and edge over other girls and show every guy you care.

    Even if you still have weight anxieties, there's many things you can do and still not starve yourself.

    Wavy hair work tremendously well on chubby women. Wavy as in of Khloe Kardashian and Mariah Carey. Lipglosses, huge chic hand bags, flat shoes, skirts and nice fragnances make chubby women dream girls in my opinion. It shoes you are not insecure idiots who live their lives for others and either starve to death or go for surgeries just because they are slightly chubby.

    The dont's: Nerdy glasses, messy hair, casual hoodies, loose teeshirts, tight jeans.

    Be as sophisticated as you can, read Tim Gun's guide for slightly overweight or chubby girls.

    You are beautiful the way you are. BELIEVE it. People will fall in love with you when you believe in yourself. Just give everyone the impression that you care about


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  • it isn't a promblem unless the guy is hella shallow and why would you want him anyway

  • No, I don't mind, it's normal not to look like a 14 year old at 40.

    • Well thanks but I'm not actually 40. I didn't want people to know my real age.

    • At 80 or at 39 than.

  • Sounds good. How about a picture? :)

  • sounds yummy and natural, prove it! :D


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  • Well I AM fat, and I've never had problems with getting guys really. I think it's truly in the way that you carry yourself. If you're stressing out about your tummy and you bring attention to it, he'll notice THAT, lol, but don't over think it girl :)

  • As long as you're healthy it shouldn't matter.