What makes a girl datable?

what do you look for in a girl that makes her girlfriend material over just friends or hook up material. same could go for what girls look for in guys.


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  • Actually I think this is a mis-directed question. I personally don't think it's what the guy is looking for, to discern whether the girl is "girlfriend" or "hook up" material; I think it's the state of mind that the guy is in.

    To explain what I mean, think of it as this. Let's say we have a female sitting at a bar, or a coffee shop - she's fun, out going, and generally flirts with guys that gather up the courage to talk to her - nothing more, nothing less.

    Now introduce the two guys, one that's looking for a hook up, and the other looking for a girlfriend. Now the guy looking for the hookup (he's on a mission to hook up, that's his state of mind) starts talking to this girl; he think's he is in, because she's fun outgoing, and flirting.

    Now the guy who's looking for the girlfriend (he's on a mission to meet a girl, that he can start a relationship with, that's his state of mind) starts talking to this girl; he think's he is in, because she's fun, outgoing, and flirting.

    The two guys, the hook up guy, and the relationship guy, see the same girl, and think what they want to think. They don't necessarily look for certain characteristics that would tell them one way or the other (I suppose that's a lie, when it comes to clothes, and the associated "skankiness" factor).

    But the point is, the guy is going to tell himself what he wants to think, when it comes to the girl, and not necessarily what the girl is saying etc. All girls are girlfriend material, it's just a matter of what the guy thinks the objective / mission is (i.e. if he just wants a hook up, or an actual relationship)


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  • Kind eyes, nice smile, attractive, honest, open, relaxed, feminine, down-to-earth, simple (doesn't expect people to be mind readers), simple clothes (with good style), someone I can rely on. She makes me feel chivalrous and my heart skips a beat every time I see her.

    However, kind eyes and a beautiful smile is usually enough to make me forget where I was going, come up and say "Hi!".

    It is hard to describe, I make my decision on an intuitive level just after a one second glimpse. I examine in the following order: eyes, face, body shape, clothes. I am not really interested in hook-ups, I usually look for long-term dating candidates.

    But that is just me.

  • caring, the way she treats other people, her attitude in general, I want to date a girl that's going to make me a nice soup and buy some medicine for me when I'm sick

  • Generally, she would have to be interested in a long-term commitment and shows that she genuinely cares and likes me.

    The rest would be the things I would want in her character; ie caring, warm, loving, has an awesome sense of humor, and one that I find physically attractive.

  • Well I would say caring, nice ,Beautiful ,funny, makes you feel good when your sad you can talk to her about anything. Umm shows sign's that she still likes you and you don't have to hold up the whole relationship all on your own. If you give love you should receive love from her and she must be rich haa jk :)

  • I can't really describe a type. A few girls I've liked could keep me on the phone for hours though without me caring or even noticing. It has to feel natural when I hang out with her. A girlfriend to me has to be a best friend first.

  • A decent, honest human being who wants a relationship with me.


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