Peach Fuzz hair - on girls?

I know many people have different opinions but I'm feeling really self concious about my body hair at the moment. I'm not overtly hairy, but I'm pale... Show More

  • Vote A No body hair is acceptable on women
  • Vote B Peach fuzz is acceptable anywhere if its blond and almost invisible
  • Vote C Peach fuzz is only acceptable in some places
  • Vote D No dark body hair should exist on women
  • Vote E I'm a girl and want to see the result

Most Helpful Girl

  • This is coming from a girl that has the same exact problem. I too have dark visable hair.. Everywhere! I have it on my arms, my stomach, happy trail, and my back. I hate it so much! I But let me tell you this.. DONT pluck, shave, orwax it! I tried it on an area on my side and it grew back thicker and darker. When I'm 18 I'm gonna have that laser hair removal treatment. For now all I do is keep my shirt down and pull it down when it rises up. This sucks and I hate it, but I guess we were just "gifted" :/

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