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Peach Fuzz hair - on girls?

I know many people have different opinions but I'm feeling really self concious about my body hair at the moment. I'm not overtly hairy, but I'm pale... Show More

  • Vote A No body hair is acceptable on women
  • Vote B Peach fuzz is acceptable anywhere if its blond and almost invisible
  • Vote C Peach fuzz is only acceptable in some places
  • Vote D No dark body hair should exist on women
  • Vote E I'm a girl and want to see the result

Most Helpful Opinion

  • This is coming from a girl that has the same exact problem. I too have dark visable hair.. Everywhere! I have it on my arms, my stomach, happy trail, and my back. I hate it so much! I But let me tell you this.. DONT pluck, shave, orwax it! I tried it on an area on my side and it grew back thicker and darker. When I'm 18 I'm gonna have that laser hair removal treatment. For now all I do is keep my shirt down and pull it down when it rises up. This sucks and I hate it, but I guess we were just "gifted" :/

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  • Quit worryin bout yaself. Unless your a werewolf and you dnt take care of yourself then your fine. I dnt think there's nethng wrng with a little peach fuzz and a few stray hairs, I'm sure there's plenty of guys that say the same, so jus cause 1 outta 5 dnt lyk dnt mean chnge yourself. In fact, I find peach fuzz too be sexy in some places. dnt let this or anythng any other immature guys says be a self esteem killler. and smile : )

  • Peach fuzz is hot on girls, no matter the color, plenty of men agree. I recently read a letter to playboy asking why there aren't more girls with body fuzz. The reply the magazine gave was that they get letters like that all the time and that it's sometimes hard to find models that haven't waxed it all off.

    Some men, and most boys won't find your hair attractive, but most men will see it as a sign of your womanhood. It makes us think about sex. We like thinking about sex.

    Always remember it's called a treasure trail because seeing it will make men want to explore more of you.

  • i prefer some peach fuzz, it gives more life to her skin, seems more natural, more human

  • as long as the p**** area is shaved or nicely trimmed and there ain't no hair in the buttcrack or on the buttcheeks, then its definitely alright in my opinion. I have had a girl with visible hairs before like spinal above the butt area but man did her bottom area look so nice and sexy, nice and cleanly shaved it basically makes you forget about all the rest. what I'm really tryin to say the areas you shud be most worried about taking care of is the vaginal/anal spot babe. god I feel like such a perv writing these words. lol so hun don't trip on the petty comments k, because that dudes an ass, don't listen to him. Dudes only clowning because he probably likes you but gives you sh*t for his own insecurities

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