Peach Fuzz hair - on girls?

I know many people have different opinions but I'm feeling really self concious about my body hair at the moment. I'm not overtly hairy, but I'm pale with dark hair, so all of the hair on my body shows up more than it would on lets say a blond person with a tan.

Because of this, the peach fuzz on my body is visible, and a boy commented today that I had more arm hair than he did, which isn't true because his hair is extremely light blond so it's invisible, and also he commented I had 'chest hair', which I have a tiny bit of peach fuzz all over my body but because I'm so pale you could see it a little tiny bit if you looked close and I'm feeling super self-concious now, because also I have a faint happy trail on my belly and it's really getting to me, I'm thinking of more or less bleaching my entire body... guys, what is your opinion?

  • Vote A No body hair is acceptable on women
  • Vote B Peach fuzz is acceptable anywhere if its blond and almost invisible
  • Vote C Peach fuzz is only acceptable in some places
  • Vote D No dark body hair should exist on women
  • Vote E I'm a girl and want to see the result
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Most Helpful Girl

  • This is coming from a girl that has the same exact problem. I too have dark visable hair.. Everywhere! I have it on my arms, my stomach, happy trail, and my back. I hate it so much! I But let me tell you this.. DONT pluck, shave, orwax it! I tried it on an area on my side and it grew back thicker and darker. When I'm 18 I'm gonna have that laser hair removal treatment. For now all I do is keep my shirt down and pull it down when it rises up. This sucks and I hate it, but I guess we were just "gifted" :/