I'm looking for a strawberry (I think) spanish (of some sort) soda, were can I find it?

This guy was telling me about his favorite soda but he could not recall the name. I am pretty sure that it is strawberry flavor. He told me and I can't remember exacly what it was. He said it was some sort of spanish soda. I would love to get him some for Christmas but I don't know were to get it or even what it looks like. PLEASE help me this would be so amazing!

All I no is it tastes AMAZING! lol Its a spanish name and I think the flavor is strawberry. I think the whole label is in spanish but I honestly don't remember. This guy told me and It was like 4am so I don't remember exacly what he said
THE NAME OF THE DRINK IS MIRINDA! also sold under the name tropicana twister. Does anyone no were I can find this? preferably mainstream store.


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  • The only one I can think of, that actually comes in lots of flavors, is Jarritos. He didn't specify what it looks like? Jarritos comes in glass bottles, but I'm pretty sure I've seen liter or two liter sizes in plastic bottles as well. I like the pineapple one best, myself. =]

    • I am going to ask him if that's it and no he didn't and this make my life more difficult lol Thanks so much for your help!

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    • He remembered the name :D Its called mirinda or something like that. Its also sold under the name Tropicana twister. Do you happen to no were I can find it? In the us south florida boynton area >.< this is difficult. Like any mainstream store?

    • I've never heard of the name Mirinda, but Tropicana Twister isn't totally uncommon where I live. I know I've seen the juice, and I THINK I've seen the soda, but I can't be sure. I also live on the opposite side of the country though, so you should check your stores just in case. I think your best bet would be to check any big chain supermarket, since most of them have a whole isle mostly devoted to soda. Look for this:


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