Guys: why stay in an unhappy relationship?

i know a guy who has been dating a girl for four months, but has known her for a year. he's not happy tho. she hasn't done anything wrong, but he's really starting to like this other girl he crushed on before he got with his girlfriend, but he was too shy to approach her (she was more outgoing, different background, etc). at any rate, him and this girl meet again and they hit it off and now he likes her a LOT, but won't break up with his girlfriend. why?

it would be different if he had no other options (which is essentially why the girlfriend and him got together, they were just hooking up at first and fell into a relationship), but he has a girl who likes him and who he really likes back, so why stay with the girlfriend? him and the other girl have been talking for three months.


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  • he's staying with the girl, either because they are still hooking up or they have considerable history

    • hmm... that's what I asked him, but he's always saying 'i don't know' lol I can't help him because he won't tell me what he's actually thinking. I think he just feels bad because he'd dump the girl and instantly jump on the new girl and he doesn't want the new girl to see him as an asshole lol


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  • cuz she's amazing in bed.


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  • clearly he is confused. is he shy? quiet? maybe he doesn't want to hurt his girlfriends feelings.. I don't know why guys do this sometimes. he really likes this other girl, she likes him too, they are talking, are they intimate? he can't have 2 girlfriends that's not right. he needs to decide what he wants. which makes him more happy. who he has more in common with. he needs to make his mind up and has a lot to think about.

    • no, him and the other girl are just friends. she'd NEVER do that lol he'd never do that either, he's shy and respectful, really. he's definitely confused tho. I just wish I could understand because I personally would've asked for a break or something... I mean, he's not in love with his girlfriend and doesn't see a future with her right now, so I don't