Why do I find injured guys attractive?

I just do for some reason... Is this weird? Is it some kind of instinct, or what?

Also, for some reason, anime characters attract me more than real 3D people, usually. Is this really strange for a girl or a guy? One of my friends is the same (about the anime thing) and we both read the same mangas and fangirl over the same characters. Is that all it is? Fangirlism? Because I think I'm actually properly attracted to these 2d characters...

I have another friend who thinks this is all really weird...

Is it? Or are there other people like me?


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  • Nah, its not weird at all, I'm the same, there's just something about injured people that really gets me and its the same with anime, but I'm a straight guy but I'll admit I do sometimes have an eye for them but at any rate its not weird in my eyes.

    Its not normal by any stretch but its not weird


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  • That is really wierd. cartoons are cartoons. are you in love with the characters personalities or what? anyway you look at it, its wierd. stick to real people. I think everyone's seen enough freaky stuff when that asian guy married his anime pillow.

    • Yeah... I heard about that happening to more than one guy. Maybe I love the people who came up with the characters?

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  • As far as being attracted to anime characters, it's the same for me. It's not weird, per se, but it does get really frustrating when you can't for the life of you stop comparing a real guy to an anime character. Some characters are just really attractive, physically and personality wise. About the injured guys, I don't know...maybe it's a protective instinct?