Accessories: Need some input!

I normally don't wear anything but a Rolex-esque watch (it's a seiko, cheapo lol), but I've been observing how some guys are able to pull off necklaces, bracelets, and rings off perfectly. I'd like to add that to my setup but I've no clue which would be the safest to go with.

So far, I'm thinking of a necklace, maybe a bracelet or two (the matching leather types) on my other arm opposite of the watch, and 2-3 rings with at least one on each hand. As for the style of these items, think Urban Outfitters, but I'm picking this stuff up from a local apparel store.

What do you think? Too much going on? (ie reduce number of rings). Lastly, what are the types of accessories that you'd really like to see on a guy?

Wish I could give more best answer credit out since all of your input was great. Thanks everyone!


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  • I think that's too much. You might seem gay. Stick with the watch and a necklace at one time.

    But you could go a necklace and bracelets another time. And then bracelets and rings another.

    You don't want too many things going on at once.

    • Thanks for BA. :)


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  • I like those leather bracelets and necklaces, they seem to fit well with any look, and they're not defining; or obtrusive either. They'll fit in well, but not take a precedence over the outfit as a whole.

    Rings I think are harder for a guy to work, especially a lot, maybe just one, thick solid metal. Having said that, I have this friend who's able to pull of pretty much a ring or two on most fingers, but I think that's just a style thing. He's older - like 40s and a total artsy/hippie kind of guy; so it suits him. Other people, not so much. I also think you need a certain kind of hand to pull of a lot of rings lol.

    Seen as you're just introducing accessories to your look, for the most part, I'd start of small and simple, let people get used to it. Some accessories can really change a look, so start of small, that way you'll also grow more aware of what works for you and what doesn't.

  • Definitely go with some leather or simple cord bracelets. I wouldn't go with too many rings I'd say 2-3 max of just simple silver bands or something. I wouldn't really like to see more accessories than that on a guy. I think either go with the watch OR the bracelets or necklace OR the rings.

  • Try things like -

    Monaco wristwatch(even tho you all ready have one)

    Dunhill tie bar

    Titanium ring(really nice looking)

    Messenger bag

    Those are pretty in right NOW for men's accessories.

  • Mmm... The types of accessories you're thinking of would look really attractive on a guy, IMO.

    I like the idea of leather bracelets. With the rings, it's tricky. Wear one and it looks like there's some significance to it (like an SO). Wear one on every finger and it's way too much. I think 2-3 (for all 10 fingers) sounds about right.

    As for a necklace, please don't wear a thick gold chain that looks like a rapper's "bling." Just don't, lol. A leather cord with a bead or a pendant on it, kind of like something a "surfer dude" might wear, would look nice. Or a silver chain with a few pendants that have personal meaning to you. Are you religious? A cross or star of david would be fine.

    As for accessories, in place of a necklace, you might wear a scarf. It's very "European" or "French," and I don't know about other girls, but I think guys in scarves look terrific! :D

  • I like when a guy has on a couple of meaningful bracelets, like friendship bracelet kinda things. I know some guys that wear one necklace under their shirt that has some meaning, like a tree of life or something, and I think that's kinda cute. I'm not a fan of rings.


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  • no rings. keep it simple and try to match everything.

    For instance I wear a padlock necklace and 3 chains on my wrist.

    don't get leather bracelets, gold necklace, and a cheapo watch. Try more so for something simple... maybe leather bracelet (to match the watch band) and a braided leather necklace with a simple charm (and don't have the necklace hanging down to your stomache either. if you take it off without unhooking it it's too big)

  • 1. Less is more

    2. Don't go too big in chain/necklace sizes because it looks gaudy

    3. Don't try and go with 13 necklaces, 5 rings, and 3 bracelets.

    Try a nice size necklace and bracelet that matches for now, and that is similar in style to your watch. Rings can wait til you are married.