Girls, what type of flirting do you find the most attractive?

styles, what techniques/behavior's etc. Its your opinion.


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  • Alright, it honestly depends on the girl and her preferences, but I have to say that I enjoy a little bit of cockiness... but to an extent, and only when it's done tastefully/in a witty manner. Intelligence and with get me every time, and I have to say that I love back and forth conversations (texting, facebook chat, whatever) where we pretty much just shoot one clever response after the other that's witty/has lots of sexual undertones in it. Hahaha, I'm not saying that I'm some dirty sex fiend (trust me, it's anything but that) but I find that type of humor funny and have a bit of a dirty mind myself. That being said, try to find some of the things she likes and then try to incorporate it into your pursuit. Which brings me to another point - if it's a guy that I like, obviously I'm going to enjoy being chased for a bit. Once you've established a decent relationship with the girl/have known her for a bit, you can start the chase! Don't be too overbearing to the point where you bother her a couple times a day... but it's nice to know that the guy is thinking about you and is putting forth enough effort to talk to you.

    Oh, but back to the whole "incorporate what she likes" bit. Find some common interests and use that to your advantage, let her see that you two are more alike than she thought (if that's true, anyway. even if not, talking about similar likes will at least show some compatibility). I also like when we have several inside jokes and when the guy brings up things from previous conversations - it shows that he was listening/paying attention and overall, it's just nice to share something with just that one person.

    Also, being confident and finding ways to show that is always good, along with playing on most girls' desire to be romanticized and wooed by a guy, haha. By this, I'm saying do some of the things that they do in the movies. Offer her jacket if she's cold, offer her a ride home if she needs it, blah blah blah, just be a nice guy. I know I said that I like cockiness at some times, but that's only if it's in a more joking manner. I don't want some arrogant idiot who brags about himself the whole time!

    Anyway, yeah, kind of wordy, but hopefully it was at least a little helpful!


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  • Every girl is different, me for instance. I'd take interest in the good looking guy that catches my eye, smiles at me, makes me laugh and its a little cocky. Just a little.

    From my other girl friends, I've gathered that most girls like the following:

    Listeners, Jokesters, Smiles, Hugs, A brush of the hands or something of the sort. Casual stuff.

    But make sure it's not too casual, to be taken as a friendly thing. Be bold and look in her eyes, and be sweet.

  • Don't be cocky. Don't be shy. Be friendly, tell her you like her hair or her jacket or something. Be yourself. If she isn't interested don't push it. If she is interested make excuses to be close to her. Basically just be nice, friendly, interested, and interesting. And then be a little cheeky. Every girl likes different things, so just watch her body language and listen to her and you should notice what she likes.

  • Use your eye contact and a crooked smile... gets me every time... but be a gentlemen ... :)

  • I like guys that joke around and are fun to be around with some light touching involved. I also always greatly appreciate witty comments.

  • I say I like a jokester. I like to have some laughs:) and a listener.


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