I called the girl that I like to hang out later next week. She said yes, but we haven't made any solid plans yet, except for "next week" and "we'll figure this out as the week goes by". But neither of us have cars or licenses. I do have a friend who's willing to help me out. but I don't know.i just need advice. I'm freaking out lol. What should we do? where should we meet? what should I say? I've never really done this sort of thing before


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  • Take her on a walk or go to the park for Christ sake! Buddy you better get on the ball and make some plans. If you don't show confidence and take the reigns she is going to drop you quick style.

  • Well make plans go somewhere not to far maybe to a park or something. and you should pick her up at her house you realy dnt want her walking by herself


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