Depeche Mode tattoo!

i can't decide to get the rose from violator red or black! what would be best? help me decide!

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  • I like your idea. I say if you're going to replicate the Violator cover, you should do it as 'precisely' as possible. So red, with white highlights, just like on the cover. =] Maybe with some subtle grey shading around it to help it pop out against your skin.

    • You're welcome! I'm glad I could help. =D You should put up pictures when you finally get it done, cause I'd love to see how it turns out.

    • thats so true! thanks you helped a lot and made me make up my mind lol

    • No problem! I love that album, so that's how I personally would want to design it, to do it 'proper justice'. =P Especially with that black background. You wouldn't want to have just this huge black block around it on your skin, haha, it would look silly. So I think a little shading would be the best way to show the presence of the background and have accuracy of design, without going over the top.

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  • Black, give it they oldish feel,And red fades after awhile.

  • Red. Keep in mind getting colored ink and shading will make getting your tattoo more painful.

    • thanks :)

  • Dont get a rose tattoo. They're overdone, and very cliche.

    • thank you :)

    • If you're set on getting one, I'd say go for black. (:

    • thanks. but I don't think tattoos ALWAYS have to mean something special I think that's a load of crap it does of course make it that much better but its just as meaningful if you just like it. I mean this is something that has meaning to me for personal reasons but even if my music style does change it will still remind me of that special something :)

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