Is how he dresses important?

Here is the deal...

I attempted to talk to someone a while ago... Her only problem was that I "dress too plainly". I was wearing my normal attire... Black T-shirt tucked in (I am a neat freak...), Pair of Levi 501 Jeans, A black and white Leather jacket, A black ball cap, and a pair of black boots. I don't care for labels or overspending on clothing... I just like clothing to be functional... My only "fashion accessory" was my leather jacket, which is an M.Julian Race Jacket. Mind you, I wear similar all the time... I have approx. 24 black T-shirts... And about 7 pair of 501's, 2 pair of True religion (to which I did not buy, they were gifts...), and 4 pair of misc. denim slacks...

Do I dress plain?

Would you date a guy that is not flashy?

Let me say this:

I believe in function over fasion... I don't care for "name brands"... Why? I'm not being "cheap" but why pay more for crap that is no different than the crap that costs less... I am not a "Wallmart rat" nonetheless...
Okay, my boots have to be name brand... Only Harley Boots work for me. Either that or Corcoran military airborne boots... LOL My slacks don't have to be, and the only shirts and underwear I wear are Hanes shirt and boxer-briefs.
I never spend less than $100 on a pair of boots. They must be black. Brown, grey, white, or any other color does not work...


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  • your style sounds fine. while not for me, it's not bad


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  • You should try some other colours apart from black. Wearing black all the time is defintiely plain. You could try different kind of jeans too. You sound like you dress like my dad [he's 39]

    White is the way to go from black, if you still want to keep it plain. Greys or browns look good on most people too. Navy looks good with brown, ie.e you could try wearing a brown button up shirt with a navy jumper, or something similar, if you want to dress smarter. By black boots, you mean Doc Martens? Other kind of boots have a tendency to look bad on men. If they resemble anything like working boots, then it most likely ruins your outfit. You could try wearing sneakers, plain ones, they don't have to be bright skater ones. Ball caps are a big no-no once you pass 25. Most women despise them. Try wearing smart looking caps like, bowler hats, berets, fedoras, flat caps and gatsbys. [ if you don't know what these are, look them up. ]

    • I look like a doofus wearing anything but red, black, or white... Grey, I don't like... I HATE brown! lol I am cofortable in what I wear. I am one of those that believe in function over fasion. As far as hats, I don't look good in anything but ball caps. I had an ex attempt to "dress me" and I hated it... I looked like one of those puppies that try everything to get the goofy clothing off of them...

    • Nobody looks good in ball caps.

    • No logo, just black... I could agree with you if it were something like a baseball team logo or some other logo... I prefer fitted ballcaps and a very curved bill. I don't look right in any other type of hat. I look like a jackass if I wore a tuxedo and put on a damn tophat... I don't wear hats with suits. I am a military person, and the only caps I look okay in are Ball caps, Marine corps 8 point caps, berets and vega hats.

  • yes and no it's important. you don't have to go out and buy an armani suit but if you dress like that EVERYDAY it shows you aren't putting effort into yourself, i.e. "you don't care."

    you don't nearly have to go to the same extent that women have to in order to dress up, but have a little pride in yourself and how you present not just yourself but the fact that you are this girl's 'chosen one'. not a lot - just more than "this is my everyday day look and I don't give a rat's ass what other people think".

    you've got your "everyday" clothing and then "date" clothing - yes it does make a difference.

    now, if you DO try and make an effort and just miss, then ask for her opinion on how to improve - most guys tend to oversize themselves on clothing, like wearing an XL or XXL shirt/pants when they are really a medium. if she starts to get too crazy with spending or money then she has an image issue to deal with.

    • I care for myself...

      I don't eat junk-food, I am moderately in shape due to the fact that I do at least 100 crunches a day and just as many pushups, and I shave and shower daily.

      As for clothing size, My waist is 33 and sense men's clothing don't usually come in odd numbers, I wear 34. My shirt size is XL, and I wear nothing bigger. I'm like 5'5" and 187lbs mostly muscle... LOL

      But you are right, some people do have an image issue. I don't think it is necessary to dress any different...

  • I guess there is quite a lot of black..and maybe she thinks that is plain - at least for her. If you are able to go in these big shopping houses e.g. Macy's etc. they usually offer this service called "personal shopper". If YOU want to, try it out. I mean you don't necessarily need to buy anything what you don't like. And a good personal shopper keeps your kind of style but makes it look less plain.

    But honestly if she "dumps" you already b4 getting to know you (it sounds to me like that) and her only problem were your clothes, than I ask you: is she worth it?

    The dress style doesn't seem to me too long as the clothes were clean, and not worn already a month ago (without changing!) :)

    • ROFLMAO...

      I guess you have a point... I only wear shirts once as well as slacks... Then they go in the hamper to be washed. I do laundry about once a week. But I still don't get why so many people are so "bourgeous" about how others should dress... I am clean, I am cofortable, and to me I hope that a woman is the same in whatever she wears... Moreover, I am for function over fasion anyway...

  • i wouldn't want to date a metrosexual myself. I like to be prettier than my boyfriend. the way you dress sounds nice and decent. the only clothing style I can't stand off the top of my head are the way black guys dress. sometimes it's OK depending on how they pull it off. but I can't stand the XXL clothes they wear. I can say more but I don't feel like elaborating much on that anymore.

  • Yes it is.

    I feel like I dress slightly plain and I'm trying to change that. I don't like plain clothes. it just looks boring.

    And keep in mind you do not have to spend a lot of money, or wear designer/name brand to have style.

    I notice guys who have a good style over guys who dress plain. Like it or not, how you choose to adorn yourself does play a part into your looks. Just like hairstyle, wearing makeup, or a hair cut alters your looks so do clothes. A guy who dresses boring just looks like he doesn't care that much.

    • Not trying to change anything, just trying to figure out why does it matter so much?

      I know a guy that is a business owner. He dresses similar, unless he has business to attend to in gaining new accounts... Usually then it's a green or grey suit. Women say the same about him, but they would't know he owns business and lives in a condo. I used to work for him before I joined the Army at his store. Even if I were a millionare, I would not change myself...

    • because how you look affects your attractiveness. it just DOES.

      if you saw a woman in a micro miniskirt, wearing fishnet tights and cleavage out she could own a business and be a classy lady but that wouldn't be your immediate perception of her. (extreme example but you get my point right)

    • Not really... Perception to me is based upon personality above and beyond what she wears.

      Untidy is a personality trait, and therefore if she is unkempt it is presumed to me she has low swlf esteem. However, if she wears a pair of thick horn rimmed glasses and a plaid skirt with a button up beneath a sweater, I can't just say she is a geek... Her attire is meaningless as long as she has a good personality...

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  • Dude, I used to be like you. I didn't like being flashy or anything, but mostly because I thought I couldn't pull it off. Then I started buying some flannel shirts from american eagle, some more blue shirts and polos, and just started to branch out. A girl really appreciates when a guy can dress stylish and not just in some plain black and white clothes. Girls really appreciate looks, and while they may not be as important to them as they are to guys, a girl still wants her man to look good. Someone she can walk around in public with and feel like she can show him off. Tbh, you're style isn't horrible, just maybe a little boring. Try buying a pair of some light jeans, maybe with a tear in the knee, and a light blue polo. It may not feel like you're style, but girls will appreciate it.

    • I think being flashy is a way to effiminate men. Not the same reason. I am a professional private security agent, why would I wear some light jeans with a tear? I am 32, not 19. Sorry, but women aren't so important I go around looking like a jackass that don't know his own age... Sorry, but my raw opinion. Sorry to sound rude.

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    • Who has a picture of a teen crush? And I wasn't being trivial, I simply told you that girls appreciate someone making an effort to look good. And how the hell would I know what your avatar means? And I didn't pay attention, you're right. My bad?

    • Not a problem. C-sharp or B-flat... LOL

      But anyway, just pay attention to the types of people you encounter. Things get different when you get older... If I were trying to hunt down some kid around your age, (19) I would take what you say under advisement. However, I am looking for women that are probably 5 years shy of being old enough to be your mom... LOL Practically 30-35 age range...

  • "I don't care for name brands..." "...why pay more for crap that is no different than the crap that costs less..."

    For this, you will probably be rich someday. Just make sure you're investing that money that you are saving from not buying name brands.

  • I can't leave my shirts out either. Glad it's not just me...

  • hey man, you don't need to worry about how you dress, dress how you want to, what you need to fo is just find a girl that likes how you dress. it might be harder but you'll feel good knowing that you didn't sell out.

    • I am not worried how I dress, I am comfortable. All I can say is, I can not believe such trite, and trivial things matter to people... I find it to be silly and assinine.

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    • Well the only jeans I prefer are Levi... Those range from $29.96-$45.99 where I live. Dependant upon where you get it from... But yeah, I don't spend that much on jeans and shirts... My affections lie with boots and leather jackets. The cheapest jacket I own costs $400. Boots range from $100-$150, because of the type of boots. I have a low arch and need special arch support. Plus the most expensive ones were gore-tex for cold climate.

    • daam that's a lot man.

  • okay you wear a black t-shirt tucked really? yes it is important. final answer

  • girls want to see mad money on a guy not some wimpy fool

    • "Wimpy fool"? I have you know, I risk my life on a daily basis for jackasses because they themselves are too wimpy to protect themselves. I am a bodyguard. I spent 6 years in the military, fought in war winning many merits for combat. Laughed when a dud mortar round fell in front of me. Wimpy? I think not. More like over confident, borderline arrogant and non materialistic.