I look like my boyfriend's sister?

I look identical to my boyfriends sister, when we all go out together people think we are related! The worst part is that he is always confusing us, is this weird or normal? They say you look like your soul mate, is this true?


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  • there's also that stuff in psych, where the boys are looking for a woman that carries the quality his mother has or for qualities his sister has...it's weird. clearly he's not dating his sister (if he was thatd be a little weird) and just because you look like her doesn't mean he sees the resemblance. to him you might be drop dead gorgeous but in her case, it's his sister. you really think he'd say, "oh yea my sister's gorgeous man." he'd say that about you but he wouldn't say that about his sister. would you rather him break up with you and find someone else who doesn't look like his sister?


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  • Yeah, research shows that the couples that stay together longest, have the same facial features.. So it's a good thing :)

  • maybe you guys were separated at birth

    that's a bit spooky to be honest