How does average girl look like?

Just curious) because so much guys say that they wanna JUST AVERAGE GIRL So what does "average" look like?


Most Helpful Guy

  • Usually, uh. Nice but little titties? I dunno. Depends on the person. My choice is gonna make me sound wild racist, but an average girl is a pretty looking spanish girl, or an indian girl, or a black girl. I mean, those are races of beautiful girls, ofcourse. And I lot of people go wild for that. But beauty doesn't really cut it for me, not straight beauty anyway.

    By the same token, a girl like Megan Fox, is average, to me. Or a girl like, f***, who is there? Playboy girls, man. That kinda thing. Its straight beauty, its perfection, and that doesn't really cut for me. I like interesting beauty. Street beauty, backstreet beauty, hospital beauty, background beauty, you know. I don't conform to roman perception. Freckles, stretch marks, wrinkles, roots, unevenness, unsteadiness, bulges. Faults, baby, faults. And the attempt to cover them up. Wondrousness. I like a girl that it takes me a couple days to truly understand the look of, y'know. A girl who I notice different things about every time.

    I know girls from those cultures have stuff like that too, but they don't pull of as well as white girls or asian girls. 'Cos its that white, or tangerine, or, I dunno, oaken flesh, y'know, its like a canvas for details. I love that... Some girls don't have things like that, either, y'know. And they can be beautiful. But I think they're average...