How does average girl look like?

Just curious) because so much guys say that they wanna JUST AVERAGE GIRL So what does "average" look like?


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  • Usually, uh. Nice but little titties? I dunno. Depends on the person. My choice is gonna make me sound wild racist, but an average girl is a pretty looking spanish girl, or an indian girl, or a black girl. I mean, those are races of beautiful girls, ofcourse. And I lot of people go wild for that. But beauty doesn't really cut it for me, not straight beauty anyway.

    By the same token, a girl like Megan Fox, is average, to me. Or a girl like, f***, who is there? Playboy girls, man. That kinda thing. Its straight beauty, its perfection, and that doesn't really cut for me. I like interesting beauty. Street beauty, backstreet beauty, hospital beauty, background beauty, you know. I don't conform to roman perception. Freckles, stretch marks, wrinkles, roots, unevenness, unsteadiness, bulges. Faults, baby, faults. And the attempt to cover them up. Wondrousness. I like a girl that it takes me a couple days to truly understand the look of, y'know. A girl who I notice different things about every time.

    I know girls from those cultures have stuff like that too, but they don't pull of as well as white girls or asian girls. 'Cos its that white, or tangerine, or, I dunno, oaken flesh, y'know, its like a canvas for details. I love that... Some girls don't have things like that, either, y'know. And they can be beautiful. But I think they're average...


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  • to be honest it depends on the person, for me its quite simple, an average girl is one that I don't find particulary attractive and yet at the same time I don't find her repulsive either.

  • I don't want average. She has to be above average or better looking. To me average is Amanda Bynes,Orianthi,Emily Osment and Kristen Bell.

  • Hmm, well to be honest, there isn't the perfect girl, nor the average, what some might say "average", is hot to some, and perfect, some might like very skinny, some like curvy, some like both. Hope I helped.

  • screw the average girl just look the way you are. Why change for someone?


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  • I think it all depends on the guy. They all like different things some like girls who are more "simple" - kind of like...Emma Watson - link - But, I've realized that a lot of the guys I know go pretty crazy for the really exotic looking girls, like Adriana Lima - link - and Irina Shayk - link

  • this girl to me is average


  • Why would you want to be average? Just be you. :)

    Guys probably mean that they want the "girl next door" look.