I think she knew I couldn't stop looking at her?

a girl walked into my work today. looked absolutely amazing. even for being a blond. as I prefer red or jet black. she had the best butt I've seen in a while, and a nice pair as well. the boots she wore, we're really good looking. so while I tried not to stare, I just kept looking and looking and I think she could tell I was too. I never was able to get the nerve to go up to her, I'm not a very confident guy. although I've gone up to other girls who have been just as hot or even hotter.

i guess what I'm asking is, do you think she wanted me to go up to her and what should I have said? I wanted to say something like "i don't do this that often but, I thought id say you're really cute". lol. I dk. but granted I just couldn't do anything, I could feel my heart racing as I was trying to get up the nerve to


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  • It doesn't matter whether a guy comes up to us or not , really. Some have the courage, and we will give them our number as a reward. Others admire us, but never say anything. To those , we just think to ourselves "poor guy.. Missed his chance. Oh well."


What Guys Said 1

  • You really should go up and talk to her. Nothing will happen unless you initiate contact.