Are eyes "a window to your soul"?

Does anyone believe in the statement that your eyes are the window to your soul? What can you tell from looking into someones eyes? What can you see? Does it show their personality? How does it? Any comments would be great! thx!


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  • Yes, I believe it is 100% fact. There are some people I can look into there eyes and see things that you couldn't/wouldn't otherwise know some people have felt such pain and looking into their eys I feel somewhat hurt myself. And some peoples' eyes are easier to see things in. And yes you can see a person's personality in them, if you look closely enough you can see everything they were are and will be. but you have to not just look into the but peer into their soul through them even the blind can be peered into, but you have to know how and what you are looking at and into. Hope this answer helps.

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    • It's much easier in person, and I think a lot is lost reading it from a picture, but you can still get a little from a picture, no where near as much from in person, I think it's because a picture only captures the moment and eyes are fluid windows (constantly changing and showin you different things) you can only tell that moment and a little bit about a person, someone online showed me a picture of their daughter and I knew a bit about her and her father once I seen it, one of the first things

    • Things I said was (your daughter has her father's eyes doesn't she?) she said everyone who's seen her daughter and her daughter's father say the same thing, except I'd never seen her daughter's father (still haven't) I think I freaked her out a little but I also describe her ex's appearnce, but sometimes I just get weird feelings and see things in my head, sorry I know it probably sounds crazy, sorry. But to answer your question, yes but pictures aren't as easy and don't show as much.


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  • You can tell a lot just from someones eyes. You can tell how they are really feeling, if they're lying, etc. I believe in that statement because you can say whatever you want and put on a fake smile and act like everything is ok, but your eyes don't lie. You can always get the answer you want just by looking someone in the eye. Some people are better at seeing a person through their eyes than others but I believe that you can.

  • that is true. you can tell so much from looking into someone's eyes. What they are thinking, how they are feeling, if they are telling the truth, etc.

    In fact, my dad won't let me date anyone unless he as "read their eyes" first. He can almost tell me a person's whole life story without even speaking to them! And he will let me know if the guy has good intentions of bad intentions.

    The eyes are DEFINITELY the window to the soul. 110% true.

  • They really are. They can tell you if a person is happy or annoyed or in love. I'm sorry I can't explain how I just know, I can just feel it.

  • I watch my boyfriend's eyes all the time and I can judge a lot about him. Like his eyes change shades depending on his mood. I can also judge what he thinks about an idea and whether or not he's listening.

  • Eyes are like the windows to your soul, No matter what

  • I believe that. When I look into somebody's eye I can tell thier personality.