Should she be angry with me or her boyfriend?

GIve me your honest opinions people. I've been sleeping with a guy for a few months who I know has a long term girlfriend. We all go to the same university. Obviously she is tremendously upset, but I basically told her (when she confronted me that is - I don't go looking for trouble) that she has no right to be angry with me at all. I am NOT her boyfriend. We aren't even friends goodness sake. We barely like each other, just enough to be civil but I guess not even that now. I don't want to take away from her struggle so I'll let her huff and puff and whatever but if she puts her hands on me like she threatened to, I will hurt her. I may be cute and hot but I know how to knock a bitch out. My point is it shouldn't even come to that. Why are we fighting? Shouldnt she be fighting with her boyfriend instead of harassing me? In fact, her boyfriend even told her to her face that we don't plan on stopping and she's still trying to basically prove herself so she can "win" I guess. I never understand women like that. If a guy cheated on me for such a long time he would be in for some serious sh*t and I would not be sitting here trying to compete with other women so he can choose me. Wtf ladies?

Especially considering the way she found out. Okay so I made the mistake of letting his irresponsible ass videotape me for his birthday. It was this big thing. I got dressed up in sexy lingerie and I did a little dance number for him then lapdance. I do this for him frequently but this time it was on tape and I teased more. Then we had our usual hot sex, very raunchy. we use her as a topic for trash talk. Its like that whole forbidden thing that makes cheating that much more exciting for us. he gets off on comparing me to her so we do it a lot. for example, the first time I gave him a bj I looked up at him and said, "i bet I can suck your d*** better than your girlfriend can." simple things like that kind of make him go crazy. we like all kinds of dirty talk though. he watched the video several times then fell asleep and had it by his bed. she has a key to his place and came in and I guess wanted to see what he was watching and boom. That's how she found out. she called me screaming. I thought it was a prank or something by his friends so I hung up on her the first time she called, which pissed her off even more. I do feel bad for her in the sense that I don't want to hurt anyone but I don't think I had the power to influence their relationship. her boyfriend had all the power to turn me away and stay loyal but he didn't. if it wasn't me, it would have been some other girl.

so do you think she should be angry at me or her boyfriend ? and why?


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  • She should be angry at both of you.


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  • She should be angry at three people- herself, you and her boyfriend. Herself for being crass enough to stay with a guy who treats her like this.