Am I really that unattractive?

One of my guy friends and I joke around every lunch about each other being unattractive to the oppisite sex. They're usually just jokes that we know aren't true, and help defuse the tension sometimes. But the other day he went overboard, and my girl friends agreed that it was too much. Recently he's been a lot nicer to me, however, there's been this little niggling doubt in the back of my mind.

I am 5'1"-ish, and about 140 pounds, however I look a lot lighter than that. I'm a 34B, with a 26 waist, and 36 hips. I try to dress in way that is flattering to my body, and not just normal trends. I play tennis a lot, so I do exercise, although my weight seeems like a lot for my height.

I don't wear much make up, only some cover up and stuff. My face is normal, I guess, meaning my nose is well proportioned, and normal sized eyes, which are kind of golden brown. I guess my lips are fine, they're maybe a bit too narrow from side to side compared to their thickness. My friends call me cute, and adorable, but sometimes I feel like its just them trying to fulfill friend expectations, though I may be paranoid.

What do you think?


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  • You sound alright, he was just playing around.

    Even if it's true why would you care, just have lots of confidence and you can seem attractive.

  • lose a little weight. get a little confidence. make a little love. ;)


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  • All that matters is that you find yourself attractive and you're confident. Each guy has different preferences.