Do guys notice a girls hair??

I was always told that guys don't notice girls hair, but I was just thinking that can't be true. Whenever I style my hair, wear it out, straighten it. It feels as though some guys look/stare at me. So how can it be that guys don't notice these things, when I swear I have felt them stare at me sometimes. Unless I am just hoping. lol.


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  • what people mean when they say that guys don't notice a girl's hair is that if you make some minor change (eg a slight style change, a slightly different shade,etc) but are otherwise similar, there's a good chance a guy won't notice & a better chance that he won't comment. meanwhile your girl friends will make a big deal of it, tell you how great you look, etc.

    now if you make some major modification, eg wearing out when you've normally worn it up, then guys will notice "a difference" about you & look, especially if the effect is a good one. the guy might not actually be able to articulate what the "difference" is, but they'll notice you look better (to them) than before.

    some guys do notice hairstyle changes & other little things - usually because they've practiced it before & know what a good result they can get if they make a big deal out of it ;) (this was shown aptly in The Simpsons, when marge & lisa come home from the beauty salon & homer advises bart to flatter them even if he doesn't see any difference at all)


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  • soe do but not a lot ike I mean a guy I was going out with before didn't even notice I dyed my hair from blonde to brown? literally I was in his house ne day with blonde hair then the next day went out to him with brown hair and he didn't even notice

    • Wow, that is sad. That is a major colour difference.

    • Lol yeah he noticed I had a new top on but not my hair !! lol

  • who said that they don't?! come on they might not show or speak of it as much as we do girls but believe me they do notice and sometimes a guy could get mad at you if he likes long hair an then you go get a new actually happened, maybe not all guys are like that but all of them notice it's just not the first thing that they notice if you know what I mean :)))!

  • I think not many guys notice when you CHANGE your hairstyle. But some do notice how you usually wear it, and mostly because they like it like that.