What are guys views on make-up?

So most guys say that they hate make-up or that they wish girls wouldn't wear it. On the other hand girls claim we look better with make-up and insist we wear it.

I'd like to know exactly what it is about girls wearing make-up do guys not like? Do you dislike all make-up or do you just rather not see a cakey face? What do you think about eye make-up? face make up? and lips?


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  • Most guys are lying when they say they don't like make up. I'm sure a lot of those guys don't even realize the very subtle make up their girlfriends are wearing. A cakey face is NASTY yes. But wear make up in moderation to wear it looks natural and we like it. If you're just hanging out, put just a tiny bit on. If you're going out, but a little more than a little bit on. Never go crazy with it. Less is more. hope that helped.

    • Why do you think they lie about it?

    • I'm pretty sure it's not a lie, exactly, they just THINK they don't like it. They don't realize, in short. Light makeup is generally preferred.

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  • just a bit of makeup and by that I mean no eyeshadow, and no blush or anything. normal days only the stuff that makes your skin look smoother and brighter. on special events you can add mascara. nothing else any more makes you look unattractive. also if your 18 or 19 you really shouldn't need makeup at all your skin is probably fine.


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  • As long as you don't look like am oompa loompa, clown or prostitute you're good.