How can I look like this?


a guy posted this guy asking if girls liked his jeans

i have a girlfriend and I know she likes me for me, but sometimes I wish I could look like him, since you should have seen how many comments the girls gave on how he looked on that guys question

i can't really say much of how I look now, but what do you need to do to attain this or at least try to get as close to it as possible

we all know most girls like guys like this, so why shouldn't I try to be him?


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  • Its all about you and what you want. If you wanna look like him then you can, Its funny but I often hear guys and girls complaining about how this one or that one has the great body, but, that is the one thing that you can change about yourself. Say your sick and have an illness or a disability of some kind. Those are things you cannot change you can take better care of yourself so you can have a better quality of life but you CANNOT change it. So if there is something about you that you could change and you want to change then you should. I prefer a little meat on my men but that's just me.


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  • Hmm well, I'm sure you can achieve a look tho. But she's right it would help if you had a picture. But the look actually looks like GQ style. You might have heard of it. My brother loves this style. And it looks just like that guy and formal informal look. Now don't go to google and type GQ style because it might give half-naked men. Try gq fashion instead lol. (Still some crazy pictures lol) But some of the pictures are helpful. The actual magazine is better than the site (I've looked at a magazine) But if you notice in most of the pictures, a lot of the guys had low cut hair, (not shaggy) and a little facial hair. Anyways, I think GQ fashion is what your looking for. So I hope this helped you out some

  • well you can start by not being anonymous. how can we help you if you are too scared to show who you are?

    we can't give you tips if you don't give us a starting point.

    • i just want to know what youd have to do to look like it. like what he does. is it just good genetics?

      you don't need to know what I look like in order to answer it, I just want to know in general how to get it

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    • do you work out any or have any muscle definition, or are you the naturally skinny type?

    • naturally

  • Of course girls would be pleased with his appearance. He's a commercial model. He's supposed to be attractive. He's making you want to buy his outfit. So you can feel like him. It's a consumerism tactic.

    Anyway, I would say that your girlfriend is perfectly happy with how you look considering she's with you. There's no point in trying to change.


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  • The style is pretty simple, all it is a sport coat and jeans, now those jeans he is wearing probably cost like 500 bucks, you can pretty much get that same outfit at any clothing store, but as far as looking like that guy, all you need is photo shop.

  • Err, we don't have any pics of you. The ultimate factor are your genes, of course. I bet you could still attain something similar anyhow.

    Layer your hair and have it longer in the front. You could dye your hair and have it darker in the middle and lighter on the sides. Pull your hair back... if you have a widow's peak, shave it. You want your forehead to look big. You also want your eyebrows to be dark, so if yours are light, you should dye them too. You want your eyebrows to be low and very close to your eyes, so keep it groomed and linear, without any arches. Completely shave your sideburns to how it looks in the photo. Grow some stubble and you're done.