How do you feel about my body type?

i am about 5'8''

i have a flat stomach and a pretty small waist.

im not even close to overweight, but I'm a volleyball player, so I have the volleyball thighs.

its like, my thighs are muscular, but not as small as I want

do guys have an issue with this?

i mean its like the guys always want the girls with stick legs

im not even close to that

theres a picture up on my profile so you can see


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  • Under 18 yep, there's a problem I 'd have with it. Over 18 there's no problems at all. Lol.

    And overall with the body type, that's fine. That'd be cute. But there are a lot of other factors to whether or not I'd date a girl or woman with that body type.

    • Well what are those other factors??

      and what's the problem with under 18?

    • 1) I'm way to old for anyone under 18. 2) Legally, there'd be issues. I'm no pedophile. 3) Maturity level would be a factor.

      Besides all those issues, let's say the woman is over 20. We have other things to look at. Sense of humor. Heavy drinker or smoker? Is she happy or always depressed? Is she kind? Is she affectionate? Does she have the same kind of ambition I do? Does she have faith? Does she trust me?

      There are all kinds of things besides the body that can make or break a relationship.

    • Okay haha those are good reasons and also, I know what you are saying

      thanks for the help!


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  • all I can say is that the beach volleyball at the olympics always gets pretty good crowds, and I don't think they're all there for the sport ;)

  • Love your body type. Muscular legs add to the excitement during sex because you can wrap them around my ass and waist and pull me deeper inside you.

  • actually, i rather have a girl with volleyball thighs... for the fact that theyre muscular.


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  • my fella friends always say once a girl has a flat stomach its all good

  • dude, your a perve. lmao, anyway. I really don't think guys care too much