Why are blond girls so attractive?

Why men love women with blond hair so much?


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  • I really don't care that much overall. There is something sexy about blond girls, it could be how the media shows them, as having amazing bodies/ faces, not the brightest so they are entertaning and amazing at sex. Like parnell said it makes them kinda "shine" since it is so light it makes a girls face more noticable, that is good if she has a nice face but it can also bring out the defects even more.

    • So by saying that I'm a natural blond (result of a swedish mother) and with an IQ of 114 plus a BSc in Environmental Sciences completely disproves your dumb blond hypothesis doesn't it?

    • did you actually read what I wrote? " it could be how the media shows them, as having amazing bodies/ faces, not the brightest" I said that is how they are shown in movies, tv, magazines infact I have a blond friend who is not only attractive but brilliant. so mabey read something twice before hating.

    • I love how you get mad at me for believing I am questioning your intellect. Yet not a word or even a down vote who said blondes are more likley to spread there legs.


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  • im into brunette's

  • I prefer brunettes...

  • i think blondes kinda "shine" more I guess but I don't have a preference really

  • gentically, in caveman times, becuase their were so many more women to men, due to men dying in many battles, women had to impress the men more than men impressing the women so the blond gene evolved to show that the women is highly fertile

    • I get what you mean but I think it was actually the other way around, dark hair and curves signal naturally to a man's mind that a woman is fertile. And it makes sense because lighter hair is associated with age and sickness so that means not so fertile... perhaps it caught their eye because it stands out more and that is why?

    • grey hair is different to blond hair. Brown hair came before blond hair, blond hair evolved as the signal of fertility.

  • Because they scream SLUUUUTTTTTTT... it's ez to get blondes to spread their legs cheap.


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