What do I do when he stammers?

So there's this guy in my class who has a speech impediment. When you first start talking to him it's not really bad, but once he starts getting into the topic he starts stuttering and has these long pauses where he tries to figure out how to say what he wants, and sometimes he'll mumble the next few words. I really like him and his stuttering really doesn't bother me at all, (I actually think it's kinda cute :P ) but when he's sitting there trying to talk, I don't know what to do! I don't want to just stare at him, but I don't want to look away and make him feel bad :/ please help!


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  • Just keep looking at him as if he was talking normally to you. If you start looking around, he may either begin to feel like you are losing interest, or he is making you feel awkward. Just keep listening to him while he gets his thoughts sorted out. Is it a speech impediment or some kind of anxiety issue?

    I knew this guy back in high school that had a little stutter. When he spoke, he would repeat his words a few time, or the beginning of them like "wh-wh-wh-what". I remember that he'd sort of take a small breath so that he could try and get it out. He never liked for people to draw attention to it and would sometimes clam up when someone did. The best thing we did with him was just kept looking at him like his stutter didn't matter, which it didn't. He still told us what he needed to say, he just needed to get it out.

    Even I have trouble talking sometimes. I don't have any kind of impediment, but sometimes I will get all my words tied up and I just need to stop for a half second and get things straight. I'm not very good with socializing, so that's why I asked you if it was something physical or psychological.


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  • I do that all the time and I hate it -______-

    I would tell him just " relax, you got this :) I'm your friend. I'm not going to judge you =)"


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  • aw I use to have the biggest crush on a guy with the same issue, but he ended up moving away. just be patient and smile, don't treat him any different.