Why do you think men are more attracted to blonds?

I'm not complaining, I'm just curious. And, I know not all men are more attracted to blonds, but the majority are. I have a couple of theories:

1) Not many people are blond

2) Blond hair is bright & get's attention

3) Yellow is prettier than brown...

Does anyone else have any insight...

I appreciate everyone's opinion, but this question is about arguing whether men prefer blondes or not. It is about "why do men prefer blondes." I'm well aware not all men do, but the majority does, I'm just curious about the reason.


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  • well I think its more the idea that its easier to lay a blonde... aka the dumb blonde

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      But it isn't easier to "lay" one of us, because, I myself, am a blond. And I'm not dumb. I'm very smart, academically and in common sense. Hair color doesn't mean anything, nor does size or shape.

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      Im blond to and I'm also very smart I agree wih her . Hair color doesn't matter :)

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      ok... I'm merely answeing the question... this isn't necesarrily my point of view