Why do you think men are more attracted to blonds?

I'm not complaining, I'm just curious. And, I know not all men are more attracted to blonds, but the majority are. I have a couple of theories:1) Not many people are blond2) Blond hair is bright & get's attention3) Yellow is prettier than brown...Does anyone else have any insight...

I appreciate everyone's opinion, but this question is about arguing whether men prefer blondes or not. It is about "why do men prefer blondes." I'm well aware not all men do, but the majority does, I'm just curious about the reason.

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  • well I think its more the idea that its easier to lay a blonde... aka the dumb blonde

    • ok... I'm merely answeing the question... this isn't necesarrily my point of view

    • Im blond to and I'm also very smart I agree wih her . Hair color doesn't matter :)

    • haha, sure! lol, its not really grade wise, like this girl in my class has a 96 avg, in all of our classes, we both take all AP and honors... but she'll say nonsensical things like one time we were sitting in class and she blurted out "Hey guys! 1+1=2!" its more commen sense things, of course it doesn't apply to all but the vast majority, look at the famous blondies and you'll get an idea (paris hilton etc.) by the way, in this I am not endorsing any of her videos

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  • Its because of the media. Blond isn't better, that's someones opion. I hate blondes, I like black/dark brown the best because it brings out the contours of the face better and brightens the eyes. things like eye liner look bolder and match with the hair. Blond always seem to make the face look paler and the head bigger. it comes off generic and loses personality. I tend to stay away from blondes actually.

  • I think their hair looks lighter as in thinner and more fine and soft so they look more feminine. When I say hair I mean all their body hair from the eyebrows, to arm hairs, and of course more intimate areas. I'll admit I'm a sucker for blond hair and blue or hazel eyes.

  • All shades and most styles can be attractive to me.I think blond appeals to some men because it is associated with the blond being vulnerable and needing protection (eg many white babies start blond with blue eyes before going on to develop different permanent natural hair and eye coloring later on). Some men think they can provide protection. I think the same traits explain why some women adopt a child like tone when they want things and some men enjoy it (think Marilyn to JFK). Lots of people of both genders regard such behavior and the implied lack of independence with contempt, but it still happens so must work for some people.

  • The majority don't, are you from 1973?

    • Nicee. Are they helpful to your time?

    • No, I'm from 2792, I came back in a time machine just to ask questions on this site :P

  • I usually find the natural and fake blondes to be more attractive than the non-blondes.

    • I guess the reason I like blondes more is simply because the hair color makes a lot of women more attractive. Also, I started to prefer blondes over other women right after I saw Britney Spears with blond hair. After I saw her like that, I went crazy for blondes.

    • Thank you for your honesty. Do you have any insight into why you prefer blondes, I'm just curious.

  • do you have a source?

    • it's an extreme version of a question with a false premise.

    • My comment was in regards to your comment that says" you're asking a loaded question. I don't understand your following comment about the red sky, but that doesn't really matter.

    • Now that is a good responce. I respect your opinion.

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  • Ummm we're not

    • By the way, Grow Up!

    • wow, you are really out of order. I do not appreciate your insults, you are way out of line.

    • Bitch, you brought it up, and now I have been sent from hell to bring it down.

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  • If anything, I think number 1 is the reason, but since when are men more attracted to blonds?

    • Complete bullsh*t.

    • Since the beginning of time...

  • well I'm not bashing blondes but I usually prefer dark haired girls. I think most of it is what the media has portrayed as the female sex symbol - the blond in a erotic stance wearing something ever revealing.

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  • I think it's kinda true. My friend dyed her hair blond and even I find her prettier. But I think it only works for pale white girls, because she was brunette before and her hair looked kind of unhealthy and thin for her skin tone, as soon as she changed her hair colour it matched better with her skin colour and her hair looked fuller and healthier and a lot prettier.

  • dark skin, dark hair, dark eyes are highly attractive. pale skin, pale hair=not attractive

  • Well you answered your own question.

  • My opinion is that the majority of girls in the sex industry (porn, strippers, Playboy) are the blond Barbie doll looking girls with huge t*ts, tiny waists and a love of sex so that's why men prefer them.However, it's wrong to generalize so I think that you can't help what kind of person you're attracted to physically. You just know. It's just personal preference.

  • It either depends on the man or the girl herself. I think us brunettes are lead to believe that blond is more attractive because "Blonds have more fun" and all the sex symbols, like Marilyn and Pamela and Hefs "Girls next Door" are all "blond" but I personally have found that men love dark hair. My man loves my dark auburn hair =)

  • I am blond, and I actually find that guys (I know, at least) are more attracted to girls with darker hair. I actually hate the face that being blond, has that whole "ditzy, trashy, dumb", kind of stereotype and that men seem to like us just for looks. Because some are the complete opposite.

    • it does, most red heads are stereotyped to be pale and short scrawny with freckles. I'm not freckled, pale short or scrawny.

    • It sucks. To the point where, you don't want to be what you are.

    • I agree, stereotypes are never EVER in anyone's favor. I've had my share, I'm red headed.