The hair on my leg is missing!!!

Hi everyone, I just come to realize that I have a horizontal strip on my calf of hair missing...and this is for both legs, about a width of 3 fingers. I don't know how this happen. I read online it can be from my clothes rubbing up against it, but c'mon, been wearing pants forever and this has never happened. anyone have a clue of what this might be?


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  • My boyfriend has this haha, random smooth bits on his legs with no signs of hair whatsoever.

    If you wear skinny jeans, your more prone to hair loss on the legs but also, noticing your 18 - 24, sometimes hair doesn't finish fully growing for quite some time after puberty is finished so don't worry about it :)


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  • That happened to my brother twice. And it only happened when we went on a vacation to Mexico. He thinks it was me who would shave that part of his leg when he was sleeping. lol. But, I swear I didn't do it.

    Anyway, I'm not sure why it happened.

  • lmfao I'm sure its from clothes, I think you probably just haven't noticed before.

    i use to make fun of my fiance and say he shaved becuase of that reason right there :)


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