Why do guys think natural is better but think girls who wear a ton of makeup are so hot?

I'm just curious to know why guys say they find a girl with no makeup on are more attractive, then I hear most of my guy friends talk about how Kim Kardashian is the hottest girl alive?

I've watched some of her tutorial videos from her makeup artists and this chick wears a TON of makeup. Layer after layer of eye makeup, glosses and foundations. She's still pretty without it on, but looks like a different person! I'll also be out with my guy friends at the bar and they'll stare at the girl with painted on makeup and talk about how hot she is.

So why do guys act like makeup is such a bad thing? Have any of you guys saw a girl with absolutely no makeup on and thought she was the hottest thing alive?

Just asking because I like makeup, even though I don't wear it all the time. :)


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  • There are 3 different kinds of attractive girls:

    1) Girls who are beautiful - The ideal girl to be in a relationship with, you love everything about her and are attracted to her on so many levels that whether or not she has make-up on is an afterthought, you trust her and could settle down with a girl like this.

    2) Girls who are hot - These are the girls we see on tv, movies, magazines, and the girls who try to imitate them in the club by trying to look as trashy as possible with massive make-up and skimpy clothes and act as slutty as possible. We just want to sleep with these girls and nothing more, we couldn't ever trust them or respect them but somehow they keep thinking that they will attract "The Right Guy" by acting like that, and they do...for that night.

    3) Girls who are hot and beautiful - A little more flashy then the beautiful girl, and allot less trashy then the hot girl. This is most dangerous girl in the world we fall in-love quickly with them but because of their combination of beauty and sex appeal. This kind of girl makes you feel like you hit the jackpot but you get jealous very easy with her and you have a hard time completely trusting her because of all the guys after her. Many guys have had their heart broken by this girl. This girl knows how to get what she wants from you, you want to give her the world and its very easy to get too clingy. You love her but you always keep an eye on her.

    • Great answer, thanks.

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    • Questions, why would you want to f*** the sluts plastered in make up? Also you can't really categorize a gender... But I get what your saying

    • So that's why my boyfriend is with me cause I'm just beautiful? :O damn I suck

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  • Kim Karashian is a fake bitch.

    Why women who wear no make-up are more attractive, opposed to woman who were an extensive amount of make-up is because it's true beauty. And make-up on those kind of women only enhance it when they do wear it. But isn't really necessary.

    As for those that cake it on, don't look as.."fetching," I suppose you can say. Without it on.

    • you're so right about kim kardashian, I'm tired of everybody droning about her. she's an irritating fake bitch.

    • I'm so sick of guys mentioning Kim too. I think there are so much other celebrities that are better looking than her and have better personalities, but what do I know, I'm just a girl.

    • It is irritating, ihate. - QA, there are plenty of others who do look a lot better, and have a better personality. But, that can also be said about a lot of people.

  • I don't understand why this is such a hard concept for girls to grasp, but..

    Nice to look at does NOT in any way pertain to girlfriend material. Most guys would sooner approach and date a girl who was a 7 out of 10 than a 10 out of 10 and see her as relationship material even though they have fantasies about the 10 out of 10.

  • None of the Kardashians are hot.

  • A little bit is fine but I like the more natural look. Like you don't have to put heaps of eye liner on or lipstick you could see a mile away. So we're not saying don't wear any makeup at all but you don't have to cake it on or anything. I don't go for the super model types with a tonne of makeup on. I'd rather the more natural down to earth type of girl :)

  • I'm a guy who prefers females to wear decent make-up.. some lip-stick or lip-gloss, eye-liner, bit of perfume, nice dress or jeans, neat blouse/shirt etc.

    With the female celebrities, especially KIM KARDASHIAN, are heavily toxicated with make-up on. Literally, it's a major turn off cause the make up gets the facial and skin texture to look "fake."

  • Natural is better.

    Chances are, many of us guys can't even realize a girl is wearing make up unless they tell us. True, it's obvious sometimes. And we hate that obviousness. But, when it isn't obvious we think it's natural and so we say they're hot. When we learn they are wearing make up, that disappoints us cause it feels like we were lied to almost. Almost every girl I've been with though never wore make up. They were all hot to me.

  • ton of makeup is a major turn off to me personally. and natural looks and feels better... as long as they're the right size.

  • girls with makeup are ugly end of story

  • It is not just a black and white question. Some girls look better with makeup- Brit for example

    Then you have girls that are sexy as hell with out it, the girl next door, I like a girl better in a pair of jeans and a nice shirt than in some big dolled up dress for say prom. A little make up goes along way. I also love a girl that has just a hint of perfume on, I have been deployed for the last year and when a girl walks by with a hint of perfume it reminds you of home and makes you turn your head.

  • Fail assumption. I hate when girls wear a ton of makeup.

  • b/c 95% of all the dudes YOU have been around like a Kardashian... or other 'cakeface' chicks... that's why you think ALL guys like em...

  • I don't think natural is better. I think as long as she's hot I'm fine with whatever implants, make up whatever. As long as she's not a dude who changed his sex. That's kind of eeuuughh.

  • Let´s say it like this. Even thou makeup can make your more attractive, no amount of makeup can compare to natural beauty, yes guys can AND do fall for girls without makeup, now not every one is born perfect but you can´t beat nature you know what I am saying?

    Also using makeup to enhance your natural beauty is one thing, getting heavy makeup to look someone different just looks false and unnatural.

    It´s from these perspectives that those comments come from.

    Hope I helped.

  • Well if they say they are hot just means they want the girl for sex and such things but when they say a girl look good without makeup means a lot because it saying how beautiful she is andmay not being think sexually about her

    • why would someone want to have sex with someone who they didn't think was beautiful

  • Cause makeup makes you look fake.


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  • guys think that girls who have heavy makeup and short skirts and revealing shirts hot, but I think that guys would like their girlfriend/ significant other to be more natural and less revealing.

    idk. just my opinion.

    • You get it! :D

      You're the first girl I've found on here that ACTUALLY get's it! :D

      *jumps up and down and dances*

  • i usually don't wear makeup ut if I do its usually only eyeshadow and lipgloss

  • hahaha, you should read Cosmopolitan's January issue, they had a raelly long article about this!

    so basically what they said is that when guys say they prefer the natural look, what they're saying (without being aware of it) is that they like when girls' natural features are enhanced. the flushed cheecks, big, wide eyes and long eyelashes, even smooth skin tone, and plump lips, those are the things that they're attracted to. and even though the girl may be wearing a lot of makeup, so long as it makes her beauty enhanced, they won't notice it.

    So basically, when you enhance those things, they won't see the makeup, they'll see your enhanced features, but when the makeup doesn't enhance the features and looks UNnatural, they'll see a caked face and someone who wears too much makeup.

    did I explain myself well enough? hahaha

    • Actually... when I say I don't like makeup on a girl, I mean I don't like makeup on a girl...at all.

      And when I say "natural beauty" I mean she has to be hot, pretty, and beautiful without makeup on. If a girl is hot *with* makeup on, odds are she's not that great without it. It's just genetics, I like girls who can be hot without makeup. And unfortunately, most women can't pull that off...


    • Jessica Biel is one of the rare examples of women - even among celebrities - that can look absolutely gorgeous with no makeup on.

  • They think all girls look like Megan Fox without makeup

    • you seem like (no offense) you would be such a downer

    • I'm positive, in sorry you consider me a downer because you're a f***tard who thinks we should all the same opinions

  • Men don't understand make up. You have to remember, that men assume what they see is really what you look like. So, if you come out of the bathroom, they don't even notice you are wearing make up. They don't want you tell them you're wearing it because you're ruining the illusion. When a girl asks a guy if he'd prefer no make up, he'll say yes. To him, make up is fake, & he likes to pretend the women he dates don't wear it. Since men are blind to all of this, they do find women more attractive with make up (those who apply it properly) because make up highlights your beauty & covers your flaws. So, if you hear a guy say this, but then hit on a girl with lots of make up, don't think less of him. You have to remember men don't think or understand things the way women do.

    • No.

      I see makeup, I recognize makeup, I judge a girl based on if she *is* wearing makeup. Men aren't blind. I can't speak for the entirety of my gender, obviously, but I'm observant enough to notice if she's wearing makeup or not! Good Lord, I have 20/13 vision for goodness' sake! lol

    • Yes.

      Men 99% of them don't acknowlegde make up unless a woman is wearing a lot of it.

  • i don't wear makeup very often and I think girls wears TONNES of it too cover there faces and to make guys look at them ; I bet if a male walked up to a girl with a sh*tload of make up on and wiped it off they would see that she isn't pretty

    • You get it too! :D

      I'm ecstatic! You and 'chocolatezombies' actually get it! YAY! :D

      A naturally beautiful girl shouldn't HAVE to wear makeup to look pretty or hot...

    • yeah so true :D

  • I was actually just reading an article about this. It showed guys 2 pictures of the same woman one with lots of makeup and hair done and one of her very natural looking all of the pictures of the girl glamed up got picked at higher rates for being attractive even though almost of the guys questioned said they preferred a natureal looking girl. So I am not really sure if guys know what natural looking really is.

    • That's exactly what I'm trying to figure out! LOL! Thank you!

  • i don't usually wear make up but I don't look horrible.

  • my ex boyfriend used to say to me he preferred no make up on me.

  • I'm like you, I like make up to but I don't care if guys like it or not I'm going to wear what I like.

    But I saw this ad in a magazine oneday it said " do guys really like girls without makeup ?" and they took the picture of the same girl, with no make up, a small amount of make up and a lot of make up on and the majority of the guys picked the girl with the most make up on as the best looking picture.

    But before they showed them the pictures they asked guys do you prefer women with less makeup or more ? and almost the same majority of guys that picked the girl with the most makeup on said they liked natural girls with no makeup.

    I think if you wear a lot of makeup just do it tastefully

  • great question! I remembered my boyfriend was telling me before that he had this two exes same race with him they wear lots of makeup as in really. I don't know also they like wearing lots of makeup, I will not mention what race. the point is he told me that he was shocked when he saw them without makeup. that they looked really different. so funny. lol

  • I wear some make up and guys don't seem to treat me differently from when I didn't used to so it really doesn't matter but what I hate is that most guys pretend they hate make up but theyre heads turn and they always flirt with the girls who do. I don't get it lol and most guys don't even realize their sweety is wearing make up. truth is I think guys should like it because it builds our self esteam and shows that we make an effort to look good not that girls who don't can't be pretty or that girls should cake on make up. :)

  • I honestly think that every girl looks better with some makeup on. I saw that Cosmo article, and guys always picked the more made up look, because all those made up looks were definitely prettier, but they weren't over the top because they emphasized the eyes with neutral tones and mascara, and didn't use overly bright shades on any part of the face. I kind of agree, I think that guys do like makeup, but they don't like to acknowledge that it's makeup. Wearing electric blue eyeliner or bright pink lipstick are both examples of obvious makeup, and guys probably would not like this. I mean, let's face it, no matter how beautiful she is, every girl's eyes look more enhanced and feminine with black/brown (depending on your skin tone and coloring) thin eyeliner and mascara, even though when done right the makeup isn't obvious at first glance because you notice the eyes and not the makeup. This is what I mean-bringing out your features, not your makeup with bright, dark, and overly dramatic/unnatural tones and looks.

    All in all-play up your eyes with neutral tones and nothing overly dark and thick, stay light and natural on the lips and cheeks. This will give a bright-eyed natural look, and I think this is what most guys (and girls) would really prefer, because when done right it is really the most flattering look on most people. (Unless you are going somewhere fancy, that's an excuse for less subtle makeup, but I'm talking about everyday looks here)

  • because it sounds better to say natural is better but a hot girl is always gonna be hot whether she's wearing no makeup or kim kardashian style glam makeup.

    also it depends on the situation. if you are going out to the club you should put on makeup. no guy wants to be with the girl in sweats, no makeup and a ponytail at the club. you're there to stunt and be seen

    when you're at home just the 2 of you you can be more natural

    a hot girl is gonna be hot no matter what she has on. such is life