Why do guys think natural is better but think girls who wear a ton of makeup are so hot?

I'm just curious to know why guys say they find a girl with no makeup on are more attractive, then I hear most of my guy friends talk about how Kim Kardashian is the hottest girl alive?

I've watched some of her tutorial videos from her makeup artists and this chick wears a TON of makeup. Layer after layer of eye makeup, glosses and foundations. She's still pretty without it on, but looks like a different person! I'll also be out with my guy friends at the bar and they'll stare at the girl with painted on makeup and talk about how hot she is.

So why do guys act like makeup is such a bad thing? Have any of you guys saw a girl with absolutely no makeup on and thought she was the hottest thing alive?

Just asking because I like makeup, even though I don't wear it all the time. :)


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  • There are 3 different kinds of attractive girls:

    1) Girls who are beautiful - The ideal girl to be in a relationship with, you love everything about her and are attracted to her on so many levels that whether or not she has make-up on is an afterthought, you trust her and could settle down with a girl like this.

    2) Girls who are hot - These are the girls we see on tv, movies, magazines, and the girls who try to imitate them in the club by trying to look as trashy as possible with massive make-up and skimpy clothes and act as slutty as possible. We just want to sleep with these girls and nothing more, we couldn't ever trust them or respect them but somehow they keep thinking that they will attract "The Right Guy" by acting like that, and they do...for that night.

    3) Girls who are hot and beautiful - A little more flashy then the beautiful girl, and allot less trashy then the hot girl. This is most dangerous girl in the world we fall in-love quickly with them but because of their combination of beauty and sex appeal. This kind of girl makes you feel like you hit the jackpot but you get jealous very easy with her and you have a hard time completely trusting her because of all the guys after her. Many guys have had their heart broken by this girl. This girl knows how to get what she wants from you, you want to give her the world and its very easy to get too clingy. You love her but you always keep an eye on her.

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      Great answer, thanks.

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      Questions, why would you want to f*** the sluts plastered in make up? Also you can't really categorize a gender... But I get what your saying

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      So that's why my boyfriend is with me cause I'm just beautiful? :O damn I suck