How to get rid of my disgusting double chin?

How to get rid of my disgusting double chin?

Over the last two years, my life has changed. I've had two toddlers, a lack of exercise and eating not healthier enough. I've noticed I have a double skin and it really disgust me. Is there any type of exercises to get rid of this? I know obviously I have to lose weight. However is there any other ways to reduce the look in the meanwhile?

Thanks for your suggestions :)


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  • Do cardio, which works out the whole body. You can't just target your face fat.

    It's winter now, but maybe you could join a gym. During the summer, I like to run along the river.

    One thing you can do right off the bat is to eat healthy.

    I know a girl like you who had some extra weight. Her diet consisted of nacho chips, pringles, zesty cheese sticks, redbull, starbucks, and fast food. Err... right. Not surprised.


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  • No specific exercise is going to make your chin go away. Eat less. Exercise more. It'll come off in time.


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  • Just exercise and eating healthier. Stay away from sodas, juices, coffee, teas, and drink only water. Eat more fruits and vegetables. No fast food. Eat lean boiled chicken for protein. Brown rice is good for you too.

    • Diet soda, coffee, and tea are really not bad. Sure, if you add lots of sugar it won't help but that's an individual choice.

    • Diet soda is the worst for you. It leads to blindness. And coffee and tea are just unnecessary calories... So I stand by my answer in its entirety.