How can I make myself look older?

Hey, So everyone around the same age group as me says I look like I'm 14 when I'm 16. But adults think I look like I'm older, A few of my mums friend thought I was 18 (Don't know if it has anything to do with who I hang around with, as I hang around with people who are 18+) Only thing I got ID"d for when I was 15 was a childrens train ticket (LOL) not video games or dvd or magazines. Because people my age group say I look really young I want to see if I can make myself look a bit older, any suggestions ?

Thanks x


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  • IDK dude, I look 14 too but I'm 18. D:


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  • Switch up your style, or maybe get a more sophisticated look. You are you, and your prob. Beautiful the way you are. Don't change yourself drastically . The right girl will like you the way you look already.. Young or older.

  • Maybe grow some facial hair (a shadow and some scruff or a mustache). Maybe make sure your style isn't juvenile. Wear nicer clothing - button downs, dark wash jeans and not t-shirts with bright colored sneakers.


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