Hate hate hate my long pointy nose! GUYS is it unattractive?? =(

the only thing I just don't like is my ugly nose it ruins my whole face I look cute but my long nose is so unattractive and honestly the first thing you see is the nose because its in the middle of your face! how can you not notice it?i do have beautiful eyes and cute smile and I look good at the front but at the side it looks loooong.

Just wanna hear from the guys out there is it unattractive with long pointy noses?


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  • how are we supposed to know lol...we can't see it.


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  • I have never not liked a girl because of her nose

    Whenever I check out a girl I never even pay attn to her nose

    her nose is probably one of the last things I check out

    • okey thx! you made my day a little bit better hahaha =)

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  • If the nose makes the girl unattractive, then yes it is unattractive. Big noses may be popular with Victorias Secret(Karolina Kurkova), but it isn't with guys.

    • well she has hook nose, mine is long and pointy, yea your right its not attractive its cuter with little ones but I actually like pointy noses but mine is just to damn long

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    • LOL.It's probably just a phase. Most girls go through it. If it isn't the nose, it'll be feet,if it isn't feet it'll be lips, if it isn't lips it's boobs. Just a phase:)

    • well I actually like everything about me I have nothing more to complain about =) just that damn nose that annoys the hell out of me! hahaha ^^ but I'll accept it sooner or later hehe

  • post a picture hun, we can't really tell if its unattractive :D

    i know I'm not a guy but ohwell ill be honest

  • Your nose probably isn't that bad. You're just making it out to be because you've zeroed in on it.

    • well its not so bad that I would consider surgery but it really do lower my self esteem but yea I guess its just a phase because I neva hated it dis much as I do now! haha

    • Right, you'll move onto hating something else about your body soon enough. :/ And eventually you'll learn to accept and love yourself, so-called 'flaws' and all. :)