What do girls think when a guy messages you telling you this?

that you are beautiful and or extremely hot. because a lot of you girls on here are quite attractive, and I see it as I have nothing to lose by just telling you I think you're gorgeous, but does that make me a creep or something? I'm just curious, because personally I would be flattered if someone told me that.


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  • Depending on the type he is.

    I mean I have people randomly messaging me telling me I am very pretty guys and girls. I just say the simple thanks. And that's it. Sure they add me and talk with me but I do draw the line. If it is some creep who's profile is all about sex I would not reply. Cause I don't want to be harrassed by any-one. I have no shame in telling a guy he is good looking but not randomly though like some people cause yer I know what you mean about the creep thing. But nah I don't care and I am sure hardly any-one, girls in particual care either. If its a way of hitting on the girl than that is just creepy. But a simple your very goodlooking or wateva does not harm.


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  • It's difficult to tell whether or not you truly mean it since it seems like a typical guy thing to say, but it would be a nice compliment otherwise

  • For me it makes me feel like the guy says that to every girl he sees. Idk, I guess that's not fair but that's just how it feels.

  • I think its fine, I have done it to guys lol


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