What type of clothes do guys feel most comfortable around when girls are wearing them?

I guess what type of clothes are the least intimidating, yet still attractive. For example, guys may be more attracted to girls when they wear red (actually, it's a proven fact), but that red color might also make them feel intimidated because it is so bold.

sometimes the really attractive people can just seem more intimidating and you don't want to approach them. in that same light, sometimes certain aspects of a person's appearance can make them more intimidating.
i guess I was just asking what not to wear if I want to appear approachable.


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  • Wearing heavy cleavage can make guys the most uncomfortable. We won't be able to concentrate on much else. Other than that, most of us are fine with whatever a girl wears. Oh, and skirts too are incredibly distracting.

    • Thanks! I'm glad you understood the question!


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  • it's a fact, huh? source please. nothing a girl wears would intimidate me. I don't understand what you're asking

    • sorry, I thought it was confusing.. but some psychologist said it on the tyra show, the red thing goes for both men and women

    • hm, I have seen the red for men, but not women. anyway, approachable makes more sense. I would say avoid fancy stuff that makes it look like you'd never date a poor person

  • I don't think I get intimidated when a girl wears a type of clothing but when girls wear bright colors like yellow, pink, and yes even red I tend to stare at them more LOL!


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  • I actually saw that studies have shown men are more attracted to women wearing the color red, not intimidated...

    With that said, showing too much skin or wearing too bold of a pattern would be quite distracting.