Have you ever grown attracted to a guy/girl that you put in the friend zone?

Seems to be many questions on here about the horrible dark hole known as the "Friend zone"

From what I can tell many men and women have made it in there but few have managed to escape!

Its a problem that I somehow managed to find myself with and many others on here that I've spoke to!

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  • Yes we kissed but that was it
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  • Yes we kissed and had sex
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  • Yes we went on a date but that was it
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Most Helpful Girl

  • Yep. I met this guy through an "odd-job." We were passing out flyers by local train stations. We became friends, but I realized I had a little crush on him. He always had a girlfriend and would tell me about his dates and when they broke up, etc.

    I never told him how I felt, but it's cool. It was never a huge crush...eh. :/


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What Girls Said 1

  • nope not at all. my friends are my friends


What Guys Said 4

  • Once I put a girl in the friend zone, I know for a FACT I will never be in a relationship with them. The only time I would date a friend, is if I had secretly liked her the whole time we were friends...

  • For me a "friendzone" doesn't exist, I only catagorise into 'attracted' or 'unnatracted'

  • I don't even make the friend zone I get banished straight to hell right away.

  • Yeah but nothing happened. I don't know why that's not an option.