Part two of "Would you date me?"

ok if you want to know what I look like, you kinda do already but I put up some pics.

the girl I want:

Body: (you don't have to look like this, its just my preference) 5Ft or taller, curvy but not fat, wide hips, boobs bigger than a B cup(I love D's) nice butt, just firm, not saggy, round and not small( no ass or boobs are a huge turn off to me) cute face, not sexy, cute. idc about hair color, I won't not date a girl for her hair(I love redheads) small waist, thick, long legs.

personality: funny, knows how to take a dirty joke, you don't have to be the smartest but I don't want a dumb girl. appreciates sweetness and compliments, loving, loyal and faithful, trustworthy, honest, affectionate, not afraid of sexual things or exploration, open minded, non-judgemental. I can't ask for a girl who doesn't care what I look like because I do care what you look like. out going and fun, likes going out at night.

thats the basics of it, every girl is different, I'll like different things in different girls.

ok I guess I should let my hair grow again, most of you girls like that.
you should read part one if you really want to know everything.
should I change my profile pic?

apparently people think I'm a nerdy white boy haha


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  • HEY! you look like eddie guerrero

    • i do? no one ever told me that before haha. is that a good thing?

    • hey you never answered this... so is that good or bad?


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  • Hmmmm... I think you should work on gaining a few pounds of muscle, cutting your hair (clean cut) and dressing clean cut as well, like not so baggy shirts, try cute dressy shirts with some

    Dark jeans.. And maybe a tan... Lol... But othe than that your good.. :)

    • my question wasn't what I should change, it was, would you date me. I don't want to change anything, my girl couldn't make me do it, you won't either. I'll find a girl who likes me without having to change anything.

  • Seems fine to me!

    But just a quick tip: you might want to change the hairstyle. Maybe some girls will like that, but honestly with your hair type, you could do so much better. You could try going back to the profile pic hairstyle or try and grow it long, but press it down once you have locks.

    Iunno, the slick back hair seems kindaaaa mafia to me :P


  • Your glasses look like the 3D ones you get at the movies =p

  • redheads are the best in bed.. ;D

  • I like cheese

  • Your standards are pretty good cause that's what most girls do look like and as for you, don't slick your hair back! Other than that your fine

    • dam everyone's telling me not to slick it back, I thought it looked good. o well.

  • Looks fine to me.

    But I suggest you stop combing your hair back that way; it looks okay, but most girls like it the way you have it in your prof pic as opposed to your other ones. I'm not sure if its wet in the other pics or something, but it looks so much better in your prof :)

    • yeah I like it that way too but my ex thought it was a little too long.

  • I mean, I don't see anything "wrong" with your preferences. And why wouldn't a girl like this date you? I don't really know what the question is. We all have our preferences, and you seem to understand that these aren't being viewed in a strict manner.

    Honestly, I think every will be fine so long as you realize (and you seem to) that no one is going to fit your cookie cutter description, and you can only ask for so much in a person.

    My advice to you would be: Don't be hasty, but don't be complacent.

    And what I mean by that is know that a girl with D's might not have long legs, or an ass; but one x on the checklist shouldn't stop you; heck, 4 checks on the check list shouldn't stop you if you feel like you can return those feelings and set aside standards.

    But don't go with the first girl with long, thick legs just because it's on the list.

    • yup, I agree with you completely. my ex has nice boobs, not D's but they're still nice, her legs aren't long but they have a really sexy shape, and I love her ass but her waist isn't thin, small but not that small considering her size(5Ft). and I love her very much. she's not the prettiest girl in the world but she's pretty and to me she's the cutest girl alive. and I know I only see her that way cause I love her so much.

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